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10 Can’t Miss Dishes at This Year's Jazz Fest

07:00 April 15, 2024
By: Eliana Sarfati-Magill

Jazz Fest is back and people from all around the world will be descending on New Orleans just to experience it. From internationally known acts to showcasing New Orleans' culture, there's a lot to see.

There's also going to be a ton of food to try, so it can be overwhelming deciding what exactly to pick. Here are 10 dishes that you absolutely can't miss at this year's Jazz Fest.

10 Tasty Dishes at This Year's Jazz Fest

1. Fried Soft-Shell Crab Po-Boy

The Galley Seafood, Food Area 2

[Courtesy of The Galley Seafood]

When at Jazz Fest, you have to get one of the festival's most famous dishes. The fried soft-shell crab po-boy, as well as the catfish filet po-boy, was created by The Galley and it has been serving the sandwiches at the fest since 1977.

The Galley was so successful with those sandwiches that it eventually allowed the business to open a permanent location in Metairie. The fried soft-shell crab po-boy is a festival stable and should not be passed on.

2. Crawfish Bisque

Li'l Dizzy's Café, Heritage Square

[Courtesy of Li'l Dizzy's Cafe, Facebook]

Run by the Baquet family, Li'l Dizzy's Café is delicious Tremé neighborhood joint on Esplanade Avenue. The restaurant is best known for its Creole lunch items like gumbo, fried shrimp, and po-boys.

Make sure to stop by Heritage Square and grab Li'l Dizzy's crawfish bisque. Other selections on offer will be gumbo and two different Louisiana trout dishes.

3. Chocolate Beignets

Loretta's Authentic Pralines, Food Area 2

[Courtesy of Loretta's Authentic Pralines, Facebook]

Two sweets that New Orleanians always go crazy for are pralines and beignets. Luckily, Loretta's Authentic Pralines, which is a staple in the French Market, will be serving both at this year's Jazz Fest.

The chocolate beignets are great, sweet Jazz Fest treats. In addition to that, Loretta's will also be serving praline beignets, lump crab beignets, and many different flavors of pralines.

4. Shrimp Remoulade Po-Boy

TJ Gourmet, Food Area 2

[Courtesy of TJ Gourmet, Facebook]

The many local food vendors at Jazz Fest really help to showcase the unique and varied cuisines the Big Easy has to offer. One great local vendor that will be present at this year's fest is TJ Gourmet.

The vendor will be offering the interesting shrimp remoulade po-boy, as well as a Cajun chicken and tasso plate with Creole rice. TJ Gourmet definitely offers a unique and enjoyable taste of New Orleans.

5. Grilled Fresh Shrimp Taco

Carmo, Food Area 2

[Courtesy of Carmo, Website]

Carmo is tropical bar in the Warehouse District that is best known for its many vegetarian and vegan dishes. The restaurant's menu takes influences from the Caribbean, South America, Southeast Asia, and West Africa.

Reflecting its Latin influences, Carmo will be serving mouthwatering grilled shrimp tacos. Fish tacos, veggie tacos, and rojos refritos will also be offered.

6. Cajun Crawfish Dirty Rice

Clesi's Seafood Restaurant, Area 1

[Courtesy of Clesi's, Facebook]

Clesi's is a local favorite and Mid-City classic when it comes to Cajun food. Their wide range of delicious seafood options never disappoints. Clesi's will be serving Cajun crawfish dirty rice at the fest that is sure to satisfy all cravings.

Dirty rice is a Cajun classic with sautéed liver, rice, vegetables, and seasonings, with crawfish being the perfect addition. They will also be offering boiled crawfish and crawfish étouffée that make sure all crawfish cravings are met.

7. Bananas Foster Cheesecake

Keyala's Pralines, Food Area 1

[Courtesy of Keyala's Pralines, Website]

After enjoying a day of drinking, eating, and jamming out to great music, Keyala's Pralines is the perfect place to end the day sweetly. Enjoy a rich and delicious cheesecake piled with caramelized bananas and all things sweet.

Keyala's Pralines are locally made fresh pralines that exemplify this simple sweet treat the city is known for. Keyala will also be serving Louisiana strawberry cupcakes, key cake, mixed nut brittle.

8. Shrimp Yakisoba

Ajun Cajun, Food Area 2

[Courtesy of Ajun Cajun, Website]

Ajun Cajun is a Japanese and Cajun fusion restaurant on Oak street, well loved by Uptown locals and visitors alike. Their unique and delicious blend of cuisines makes for great comfort food and delicious bite.

They will be serving a shrimp yakisoba that is not to miss. Enjoy these pan fried noodles with fresh shrimp and delicious brown sauce. They will also be serving a garlic rib-eye po-boy and crabstick and cucumber salad that sure to be winners at the fest.

9. Falafel Sandwich

Mona's Cafe, Food Area 2

[Courtesy of Mona's, Website]

Mona's is another local favorite for Mid-City residents. They serve fresh pita, hummus, and falafel at their restaurant and store to those looking for delicious Lebanese classics.

Mona's will be serving a falafel sandwich at the fest with tahini, parsley, and radish in a fresh hot pita. Enjoy this break from the many Creole and Cajun classics Jazz Fest has to offer before heading out to hear more music.

10. Duck, Quail, and Andouille Gumbo

Prejean's Restaurant, Food Area 2

[Courtesy of Prejean's Facebook]

Prejean's comes from Lafayette, Louisiana and serve new upscale twists on Cajun classics. They always strive to serve the freshest, flavorful dishes and make food fun.

They will be serving a rich duck, quail, and andouille gumbo that is a must order for anyone looking to satisfy a craving for gumbo. Their dark rue is flavorful and delicious, accompanied by the elevated poultry combination of duck and quail. They will also be serving a crawfish enchilada that is the perfect twist on a classic.

Food & Fun at Jazz Fest

New Orleans is world-famous for many things including its history with jazz, its beautiful and historic neighborhoods, and its one-of-a-kind cuisine. Jazz Fest is one of many festivals that attracts people from around the world to come to the city for either the very first time or back again.

Jazz Fest helps put a spotlight on New Orleans' local food offerings and encourages people to try establishments that locals always flock to. Have fun at Jazz Fest and hopefully you'll enjoy everything it has to offer.

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