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07:00 March 07, 2024
By: Trinity Brown

New Orleans is one of the most colorful and mask-wearing cities in the Southern region, so it come as no surprise that it also has the some of the best costume shops. It does not matter if it is for Halloween, Mardi Gras, or a random party, you never have to look far for a good costume in NOLA. Most people in other states only use costumes for big holidays, but there always seems to be a reason to get dressed up in the Big Easy.

Year-round, citizens look high and low for the perfect ensembles, but the costume shops listed below have created a well-known reputation and gained honorable mentions within NOLA.

Most Creative Costume Stores in NOLA

1. Nikki's French Quarter Halloween Store

107 Chartres St. B, (504) 302-2095,

[Courtesy of Nikki's French Quarter Halloween Store, Facebook]

Nikki's French Quarter Halloween Store has the largest selection of costumes and party supplies around. You can find anything and everything including rainbow colored wigs, big funky glasses, headbands with matching tails, and so much more. You can also find items for the details in outfits that require hair dye, face paint, and fake goo.

This Halloween store even offers small things like colorful horns and stickers for those who do not want to make a big statement. Regardless if you're trying to go big at Carnival or add a touch of color for an office party, this establishment is sure to have you getting compliments, along with all the beads and coconuts during Mardi Gras season.

2. Uptown Costume & Dance

4326 Magazine St., (504) 895-7969,

[Courtesy of Uptown Costume & Dance, Facebook]

Uptown Costume & Dance has been one of best shops in NOLA since 1988. They have a wide selection of outfits you can dress up or down in, including clothes for performances and popular costumes for the festival season. You can head to Uptown Costume & Dance for feather bralettes, sequin jackets, and more.

If you are also looking for unique pieces, this shop might be your one and only stop. Certain items like special printed tights and full animal onesies are up for grabs. And since festival season will be here before we know it, it would not hurt to buy one of their big sun hats on the way out. You will definitely need one in that heat.

3. Miss Claudia's Vintage Clothing & Costumes

4206 Magazine St., (504) 897-6310,

[Courtesy of Miss Claudia's Vintage Clothing & Costumes, Facebook]

Are you an old soul hoping to add vintage pieces to your wardrobe? If so, then pay Miss Claudia a visit. Miss Claudia's Vintage Clothing & Costumes is filled with blasts from the pasts, from '60s bathing suits to '50s poodle skirts.

Beyond clothing and costumes, Miss Claudia's also sells one-of-a-kind accessories. Get yourself a new (or is it old?) pair of sunglasses or a vintage purse in tip-top shape. Be a part of history at Miss Claudia's Vintage Clothing & Costumes.

4. Funky Monkey

3127 Magazine St., (504) 899-5587,

[Courtesy of Funky Monkey, Facebook]

Funky Monkey is the best place to shop at for all the crazy and colorful costumes you may want. This store has a large variety of vintage and patterned apparel. They have all the funky flavor one could ask for in their clothing. From platform rainbow sneakers to fluffy feather robes, the patterns never end.

They also allow customers to bring their treasures from home and sell them to the shop if they are currently the style they want. This way you can shop for everyday unique items that have a local flare and a hint of glam. Just call ahead to ask about cash for clothes!

5. Southern Costume Company

951 Lafayette St., (504) 523-4333,

[Courtesy of Southern Costume Company, Facebook]

Southern Costume Company has all your costume rental wishes for every holiday, festival, and party. They also specialize in manufacturing and embroidery, creating beautiful arrangements of diamonds and pearls for each custom piece. This company has also created a nice name for themselves in the area due to their relationship making pieces for outfits of fictional characters.

Uniforms with gold bedazzle, frills, and shiny buttons have been signatures for many customs Southern Costume Company has created for individuals and organizations, along with full bunny suits. They have something that will make the whole family's holiday even more special. Stop by Southern Costume Company for a look into the costume world!

6. Broadway Bound Costumes Inc.

2737 Canal St., +1 (504) 821-1000,

[Courtesy of]

Since Helen Koenig opened it in the 1950s, Broadway Bound Costumes Inc. has continuously served the city for over 60 years. This business has dressed everyone from Carnival krewes to Mardi Gras Indians and has everything that anyone may need for any colorful occasion. Their extensive range of fabrics, glitter, and feathers isn't even half of their options.

Different shapes and circles to stitch, beads, and tails can come in any size and any color with this fun filled fabric store. Broadway Bound Costumes Inc. also has a knack for helping dress others for less. So next time you are on Canal street, stop by this costume shop and you might find inspiration for the next Carnival or party.

7. She Comes in Peace

2025 St. Claude Ave., (504) 766-7841,

[Courtesy of She Comes in Peace, Facebook]

She Comes in Peace is for all the costume wearers unafraid to present an out-of-this-world look. We may not know if aliens exist, but this costume shop is closest to thing to solid proof in the New Orleans area. She Comes in Peace has a modern-day spin on bright-colored items that may remind you of the '80s but with more glow and glitter.

The store also offers something that many costume shops lack: their one-stop-shop experience. Customers can book with them to get a touch of neon color on nails, hair, and makeup to go along with their outfit. Whether you plan on being an alien, a fairy, or a vampire for any event, stop by She Comes in Peace for an outer worldly experience.

8. Big Star Vintage & Costume

5302 Freret St., (504) 377-5441,

[Courtesy of Big Star Vintage & Costume, Facebook]

The Big Star Vintage is exactly what one would think but bolder. Their '50s inspired designs are filled with zebra patterns, retro pin-ups, and more. This vendor offers a classic selection that will remind you your pumps aren't red enough and are an inch too short. One unique but signature creation Big Star Vintage offers is the iconic old school button down shirt with one side as a groovy pattern. This set of shirts offers versatility to be worn at a barbecue or dress-up event.

From the polka dot skater-style dresses to the rockabilly-inspired tops, you can find all your colorful clothing needs with Big Star Vintage. All interested customers can reach out to the owner through email from Facebook.

9. Chakras NOLA

1036 Franklin Ave., (504) 606-0509,

[Courtesy of Chakras NOLA, Facebook]

Chakras NOLA is still considered slightly new to the New Orleans area but has left an enchanting mark on the city. In 2019, Christopher "Maverick" Weick, a Houston native, decided to create a space where all are welcome to shop art, herbs, and costumes while connecting with their true selves. Weick and a set of friends also created Krewe de Lune and, years later, he also founded Burning Man Krewe.

Chakras NOLA houses a selection of accessories that are very stylish such as dream catchers, seed bead protection bracelets, costume hats, and more. The business also calls itself a "little shop of all things" since they offer a range of items that can add the best energy and that unique touch to your costume you may not have known you needed.

10. Miette

2038 Magazine St., (504) 522-2883,

[Courtesy of]

For a taste of Wonderland in New Orleans, make your way to the Lower Garden District and step into the magical world of Miette. This hidden treasure in the heart of the city has a delightful selection of items that will make your costume all the better. Miette has a lot of beautifully designed hats, tiaras, crowns, and headdresses that will no doubt give your ensemble a real wow factor.

The shop also offers a wide array of jewelry pieces, fun and unique handbags, and all kinds of different accessories like buttons, sunglasses, wings, and much more. Shop local and show your support for fun shops like Miette.

Top Places to Costume Shop in NOLA

Glitter, feathers, vintage, oh my! Each business on this list can be a unique way to show your New Orleans spirit, whether for Carnival, Halloween, or a party. You will be the talk of the town, and everyone will be raiding your closet for these festive jewels. If anyone you know is feeling low on the dress-up spirit, send them to any one of these places, and they are sure to walk out feeling like they just left the second line.

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