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10 Great Restaurants to Try While in Algiers

07:00 May 16, 2024
By: Janay Major

Venturing outside of the French Quarter and Central Business District will never not be a good idea due to the seemingly endless options of amazing food throughout the entire New Orleans metropolitan area. Just over the Crescent City Connection sits the historic town of Algiers Point. Algiers Point is a slice of New Orleans without the crazy nightlife. The food is just as amazing as well. Get in the car, and get excited; it's time to spend a day eating in Algiers.

10 Delicious Eateries in Algiers

1. Plume Algiers

1113 Teche St., (504) 381-4893


Plume Algiers [Facebook]

Plume Algiers is owned and operated by a couple who shares a love for each other and Indian cuisine. This small restaurants sits in a residential neighborhood in Algiers and serves some of the best Indian dishes you will ever experience.

Start with your meal with banana chaat--made with fried bananas, coconut, yogurt, tamarind, green chutney, and pomegranate seeds. For the entree, order the beef nihari, which is slow cooked braised beef that's paired with ginger, green chillies, and lime.

2. Tout de Suite Cafe

347 Verret St., (504) 362-2264


Tout de Suite [Facebook]

Tout de Suite is a coffee house and cafe nestled in a residential neighborhood. Locals flock to this spot every Tuesday-Sunday eagerly waiting to eat.

If you ever in the neighborhood and have time to eat here for breakfast, order the pain perdu. It's an almond brioche French toast topped with orange zest, cinnamon, whipped cream, and fresh fruit.

3. Thanh Lien Kitchen

3440 Kabel Dr., (504) 430-7067


Thanh Lien Kitchen [Facebook]

Thanh Lien Kitchen is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that serves mouthwatering goodness on every plate. For the table, order the special spring rolls--made with lettuce, carrots, vermicelli, pork, and shrimp wrapped in rice paper.

If you are a fan of sandwiches, their banh mis come highly recommended. One of the most popular options is the pork banh mi, so ordering it is a must!

4. Chubbie's Fried Chicken

4850 General Meyer Ave., (504) 392-2377


Chubbie's Fried Chicken [Facebook]

Chubbie's has been serving amazing fried chicken, seafood, and po-boys for well over a decade. This chicken joint specializes in well-seasoned fried deliciousness.

Get a five piece wing plate for only $10. Their po-boys are packed with meat and flavor; order the fish and shrimp po-boy when you go!

5. DiMartino's Famous New Orleans Muffulettas

3900 General de Gaulle Dr., (504) 367-0227


DiMartino's [Website]

DiMartino's is a Greater New Orleans' staple that's been serving muffulettas and po-boys since 1975. With flavors that are as enriched as their history, it is an absolute must try.

Obviously you have to order the muffuletta when you visit. Although it is encouraged to try it the original way, you can select which protein you want on your muffuletta. Just don't take the olive salad off!

6. 2 Phat Vegans

3613 General Meyer Ave., (504) 239-7801


2 Phat Vegans [Facebook]

2 Phat Vegans is a Black-owned local vegan restaurant that is veganizing American and New Orleanian classics. Their meatball sandwich is covered in a delicious red gravy and topped with vegan mozzarella cheese. Their burgers and pizzas are seasoned to perfection.

However, the star of the show is their vegan hot sausage po-boy. The vegan hot sausage patty is spicy, flavorful, and hits all of the nostalgic notes of an actual hot sausage patty. It comes dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and ketchup. You also have the option to add "cheese."

7. Appetite Repair Shop

400 Vallette St., (504) 602-9990


Appetite Repair Shop [Facebook]

Appetite Repair Shop is a to-go order food establishment that specializes in unique creations. Owner and Chef Peter Vasquez curates weekly menus that features fresh ingredients. He posts the menu on the restaurant's Facebook page, so make sure to follow him for weekly updates!

He creates dishes like a yellowfin tuna Reuben made with pastrami spiced yellowfin tuna, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing. If that is not tempting enough, sometimes braised lamb shanks are offered, served with roasted garlic potatoes and a red wine mushroom sauce.

8. Rendez-Vous Creole Haitian Restaurant

3042 General Collins Ave., (504) 281-4834


Rendez-Vous Creole [Facebook]

Rendez-Vous Creole Haitian Restaurant is off the beaten path in Algiers. It is a rental space/restaurant serving delicious authentic Haitian-Creole cuisine.

If you're in the mood to experience deepened flavors, try their griot. It's tender fried pork served with salad, rice, fried plantains, and pikliz. They also serve a whole fried red snapper with the same fixings. Come for the great music, and stay for the amazing food.

9. Olive Branch Cafe

5145 General de Gaulle Dr., (504) 393-1107


Olive Branch Cafe [Website]

Olive Branch Cafe serves delicious Italian food made from fresh ingredients. Not only are the pizzas outstanding, but their subs, salads, pasta are crazy good as well!

The pasta is homemade, and you have the option to choose what sauce you want, including pesto, marinara, and Alfredo. For the table, order their signature seafood bites made with shrimp, crawfish, and fish topped with a seafood sauce. For your entree, order the spicy Cajun redfish pasta.

10. The Vault

501 Verret St., (504) 453-2720


The Vault [Website]

The Vault is an upscale restaurant housed in a renovated bank building. Their menus include brunch and dinner options, both of which showcases a melodious blend of flavors and culinary techniques.

Their brunch is buffet style featuring a waffle and omelette station. Their dinner menu is small; however, the flavors are massive. Order the seafood potato topped with a gorgeous piece of fried catfish.

Which Algiers Restaurant Are You Picking First?

One of the many great things about New Orleans is her diversity. It is the ability to indulge in authentic flavors from Haiti, Italy, India, and Vietnam without leaving the neighborhood that feels so endearing and satisfying.

If you needed any more convincing, this restaurants should have you in the car and already halfway across the Crescent City Connection. Enjoy eating around the world in Algiers, and let us know which restaurant you picked first.

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