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Top 10 Five-Star Restaurants to Try in New Orleans

07:00 May 24, 2024
By: Audrey Campisi

The beauty of New Orleans lies in the breadth of its culture. From boozing in the French Quarter to ghost tours and high-class dining, New Orleans offers something for everyone. The city boasts a distinct style of food that must be experienced here, as well as a rich culture of diverse cuisines.

This list includes classic and famous Cajun-Creole spots, French-New Orleanian establishments, and culinary treasures showcasing cuisine from around the globe. In a setting unlike any other, wine and dine at these 10 five-star spots in New Orleans.

10 Stellar Spots to Dine at in New Orleans

1. Commander's Palace

1403 Washington Ave., 504-899-8221


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Commander's Palace, one of New Orleans' most famous restaurants, is located in the Garden District. The bright, "commander's" blue exterior with white striped accents is nearly as symbolic of New Orleans as the streetcar. Opened in 1893, this whimsical spot tells a story of New Orleans' past and legendary present. Beyond its fame, it is known for its award-winning quality of cuisine and incredible atmosphere. The restaurant, an antique mansion, features several formal dining rooms, where former bedrooms act as intimate dining rooms. The spot boasts an overall old-fashioned Southern charm as you walk through every twist and turn on the impressive property.

Commander's is for indulgence and flavor, so enjoy countless rounds and tastings. To start, try the shrimp and tasso henican, corn fried oysters, or Hokkaido scallop crudo as your party's appetizer.

2. Galatoire's

209 Bourbon St., 504-525-2021


[Courtesy of Galatoire's Website]

Yet another famed institution, Galatoire's is a celebration of a New Orleans restaurant, conveniently located right off Bourbon Street. For truly spectacular occasions, book the Friday brunch and bring your party, where you might just see a second line come partying and playing by your table. The main dining room is social. The experience of Galatoire's is interconnected, where all tables interact, chat, and enjoy hospitality and quality Creole dining together. Costumes, gowns, and table decorations are nearly customary. This high-end spot will make you feel like you're in a Southern Great Gatsby party.

Order the soufflé potatoes, crab meat maison, and fried eggplant to start. For your main course, ask the undeniably personable and professional waiters what they recommend.

3. Emeril's

800 Tchoupitoulas St., 504-528-9393


[Courtesy of Emeril's Restaurant's Website]

Emeril's, a culinary legend in the heart of the Warehouse District, is yet another exquisite restaurant in New Orleans. Chef Emeril Lagasse, a culinary icon, proves his passion for bold, innovative cuisine with every dish he serves. The restaurant's elegant atmosphere, boasting rich colors and contemporary accents, perfectly complements the nature of Chef Lagasse's signature dishes. From the exposed brick walls to the warm lighting, every detail reflects the city's vibrant spirit. The menu is a celebration of New Orleans' rich culinary heritage, serving twists on classic Creole and Cajun dishes.

From the melt-in-your-mouth chicken and andouille sausage gumbo to the iconic "Kicked-Up Mac and Cheese", Emeril's dishes are legendary for a reason.

4. Bayona

430 Dauphine St., 504-525-4455


[Courtesy of Bayona's Website]

Bayona is a perfected worldly restaurant, bringing a global influence to traditional cuisine. With a menu that changes daily, this establishment emphasizes local and regionally sourced produce to bring the freshest plates to the table. Chef Susan Spicer, perfecting her craft for the last 30 years, brings dishes inspired by Spain, Italy, and France matched with flavors from the Mediterranean, India, and Asia. For a truly refined culinary experience matching the international influences on the city of New Orleans itself, Bayona is an absolute must. The main dining room is dimly lit and intimate, perfect for a romantic night, while the courtyard is lush with greenery for a beautiful afternoon meal with a European-feel atmosphere.

If the menu permits, order the garlic soup with perfected roasted garlic--delivering a rich and perfectly balanced heartwarming dish. Other stand-out dishes include the veal sweetbread and lobster bisque. For the daring, try the pb&j duck sandwich, a true testament to the talent of Chef Susan Spicer.

5. August

301 Tchoupitoulas St., 504-299-9777


[Courtesy of August's Website]

August, located in the Central Business District in a historic French-Creole building, specializes in contemporary Creole cuisine. Their head chef Corey Thomas is a Louisiana native, perfecting his craft in Creole cuisine since his childhood. Having worked with various acclaimed restaurants in New Orleans, from Italian to Israeli, the reach of his talents culminates at August. The dining room is extravagant and classical, with tall ceilings and impressive chandeliers creating a dramatic ambiance.

August's new-age cuisine makes for an impressive menu, challenging customers to decide on their order. Opt for the torchon of foie gras, a delicacy of French cuisine balanced with seasonal fruits. Consider ordering the dry-aged duck breast.

6. Herbsaint

701 St. Charles Ave., 504-524-4114, herbsaint.com

[Courtesy of Herbsaint's Website]

Herbsaint, an intimate and impressive spot specializing in French cuisine, beckons on St. Charles Avenue. Step inside and be greeted by a stunning interior. Cool deep green walls and warm wood accents create a sophisticated atmosphere reminiscent of a five-star Parisian bistro. They uniquely combine seasonal French-Southern cuisine with Italian influences, resulting in a deliciously fresh and comforting menu. Chef Tyler Spreen, a champion of fresh, local ingredients, collaborates closely with farmers and fishermen to create an ever-changing menu brimming with seasonal delights.

Herbsaint's homemade spaghetti surpasses anything you can conjure up at home, and the Muscovy duck leg confit promises an explosion of unexpected flavors. For a truly unique appetizer, try the watermelon gazpacho with crabmeat salad--a testament to the innovative talent of the Herbsaint cooks.

7. Restaurant R'evolution

777 Bienville St., 504-553-2277


[Courtesy of Restaurant R'evolution's Website]

This spot specializes in perfected steaks and seafood, giving an ode to luxurious Creole cuisine and perfectly located in downtown New Orleans. Defining decadence, the menu boasts classic and impressive options alike. The interior is beautifully decorated and classy with an intimate bar and an impressive main dining room. The service is impeccable, with the friendliness and expertise making the meal even more special.

Try the cast iron foie gras, the Creole snapping turtle soup, and the blue crab beignets with four remoulades for an appetizer. For a truly classical New Orleanian experience, head to Restaurant R'evolution, a spot perfecting the city's taste and feel.

8. Yo Nashi

419 Carondelet St., 504-345-2155


[Courtesy of Yo Nashi's Website}

For the best rated omakase dinner in New Orleans, head to high-end Yo Nashi, located in the Central Business District. This restaurant defines chic cuisine based on quality and freshness. The chef, Mack Broqu, is uniquely famous for dry aging fish and will prepare the food right in front of you. In true omakase style, Yo Nashi only serves the chef's choice, a 10-course meal including a cold soup, tartare, sushi, a fish or meat, dessert, and more. The beauty of this restaurant is the culinary experience, so do not attend looking to just have sushi. Attend to immerse yourself in a culinary adventure and transport to East Asia.

For the meat or fish, if it is available, you will be given an option to choose between a fish and a Wagyu. The Wagyu is thoroughly adored.

9. Justine

225 Chartres St., 504-218-8533


[Courtesy of Justine's Facebook]

Justine is a hip and upscale restaurant, bringing a uniquely fresh taste and atmosphere to the French Quarter. Justine boasts a fresh interior where eclectic meets refined, setting the tone for new-age dining in New Orleans. Uniquely, this spot boasts brunch and late-night boozing alike. The French brasserie was founded by husband and wife duo Justine Devillier and Mia Devillier, whose longtime dream was to open a restaurant in the French Quarter. Their commitment and passion lie evident in the perfected French-Southern cuisine, service, and interior of Justine.

For brunch and booze, served Friday through Sunday, order the deviled eggs with a salmon roe topping, elevating a classic dish. Their escargot is yet another perfect shareable. Their shrimp and grits, quintessential to New Orleans, is creamy, fresh, and one of the best dishes in the city.

10. GW Fins

808 Bienville St., 504-581-3467


[Courtesy of GW Fins' Facebook]

GW Fins is a perfected traditional seafood spot in New Orleans. If you are heading to the city to try some classic-style Southern seafood, head here. Beginning all visitors' evenings with Southern hospitality, enjoy the hot, fresh biscuits on the house. The servers further the spot's charm with a clear passion and knowledge of the menu. Ask for a recommendation and you will not be steered wrong. While this spot is classically operated and loved, the spot is innovative with their flavors, making them truly one of the best spots in New Orleans.

Their dry aged blue fin tuna "New York strip" is an absolute must-have. It is a uniquely prepared fish that truly tastes like a rare New York strip. This is a dish you might not ever find again.

The 10 Best-of-the-Best Eateries in New Orleans

From restaurants just entering the game with flair and innovation to century-old classics serving authenticity and history, New Orleans' stand-out culinary scene is spectacular. Each of these dining spots offers a unique taste of what makes the city's cuisine so special. Whether you're indulging in a luxurious meal at Commander's Palace, savoring the global flavors at Bayona, or experiencing the contemporary elegance of Emeril's, you're guaranteed a memorable dining adventure. So make sure to wine and dine at these stellar spots, bringing you the city's best-of-the-best.

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