St. Lucia’s Cap Maison: King of the Hill

16:01 May 10, 2018
By: David Danzig

The word, “bluff,” when spoken in conjunction with the Caribbean, typically evokes thoughts of a poker strategy—surely not a steep cliff.  Yet in St. Lucia, a volcanic island undulating with mountain peaks and swooping elevations, some of the Caribbean’s most stunning beauty actually lives high above sea level.  

Perched above a periwinkle expanse of ocean on the northern side of the island, Cap Maison and its 49 rooms and suites might be the sexiest real estate in the Caribbean. Favorite to celebrities including Mick Jagger, Collective Soul lead singer, Ed Roland, and Angela Bassett (watch her gush about Cap Maison on her Instagram page), as otherworldly as Cap Maison is, it’s still a place where mere mortals like us can access these unique, seductive accommodations.

Spread over perfectly manicured grounds awash with bougainvillea blossoms, a cluster of white-washed, European-inspired buildings lead to a breathtaking cliff overlooking Smuggler’s Cove.  Spanish roof tiles, mahogany and painted ceramic tiles accent the 3-story buildings, some with private pools and whirlpools, all with outdoor terraces and local art, giving an experience of staying in your own private paradise where you can watch sailboats and cruise ships disappear over the horizon.  

At the northwest-facing point of the property, the open-aired, award-winning restaurant, The Cliff at Cap, dishes out a world-class bounty of French/Caribbean cuisine with a menu that includes jerk pork belly, seared foie gras, and Caribbean red snapper.   Grab a glass of house-aged, 10-year-old rum or a crisp Piton Beer and watch the sun drop below the horizon to the west.

For a more casual dining setting, take a seat at the property’s other restaurant, The Naked Fisherman, which overlooks Smugglers Cove Beach.  Walk the warm soft sands on the beach or swim in the tepid waters while a palapa hut restaurant fires up creole-style BBQ and then serves jerk pork cutlet, Piri Piri split lobster and even a 40 oz. Cowboy Steak out on an idyllic terrace overlooking the sea.  

And should you want to get off the property (and, really, why would you?), across the narrow from Cap Maison sits the beautiful little Hershey’s Kiss-shaped Pigeon Island.  This is where you can play Captain Jack Sparrow and live out your own Pirates of the Caribbean fantasies atop an 18th-century fort that provides a stunning 360-degree view of the northern point of the island.  The fort, named Fort Rodney, was constructed by the English to spy on French ships on neighboring Martinique.  The hike to the ruins and the views of the antique cannons pointed out to sea are a spectacular way to spend a few hours.

But in the end where you really want to be is soaking up the golden moments at Cap Maison.  Whether taking in the luxe serenity of your private room, enjoying service one of the 2 community pools or getting a spa treatment by the sea, this is a quintessential Caribbean happy place … seriously—I’m not bluffing.  

Daily flights out of New Orleans (MSY) connect in Atlanta or Miami and then proceed on to St. Lucia (UVF).  The drive to Cap Maison from the airport takes approximately 90 minutes.  Garden view rooms start at $360 for a double.  For booking and more information go to

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