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A Very Vegan & Vegetarian Valentine's Day

06:00 February 13, 2019
By: Madison McLoughlin

Looking to fall in love with a lifestyle change this Valentine's Day? Whether you're looking for something romantic and free to do in New Orleans or a tasty treat from a vegan or vegetarian spot, there are plenty of options in New Orleans. The growing popularity of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles has many people embracing healthier eating habits, and those habits are even beginning to catch on in our city known for fried seafood and carnivorous habits. Instead of indulging in the usual fried shrimp or steak dinner, step outside your comfort zone and enjoy a dish that will have your body thanking you.

Where to Get Delicious Vegan and Vegetarian Treats this Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, hop on the vegan or vegetarian train to the town of healthy eating, either by yourself or with your date, and enjoy one of the many New Orleans restaurants that focus on healthy, clean eating.

A Very Vegan & Vegetarian Valentine's Day
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Breads on Oak

Start your Valentine's Day morning right with this artisan bakery on Oak Street, home to the smells of freshly baked bread and locally sourced ingredients that make your mouth water. Everything from the Cheddar Pumpkin Biscuit to the Big Daddy Burger is vegan and made with ingredients sourced from organic farms. Pair a cup of rich coffee with a fresh pastry, like the cinnamon raisin rolls or the double chocolate fudge brownies with nuts, or feast on avocado toast or the Country Club, a sandwich packed with veggies on homemade bread.

8640 Oak St Suite A, (504) 324-8271,

A Very Vegan & Vegetarian Valentine's Day
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Bearcat Cafe

Good and bad cats alike are welcome at Bearcat Cafe for breakfast or lunch. The restaurant has everything a hungry vegan or non-vegan could ask for, including vegan ranchero, vegan quesadilla, Crab Scramble, and shrimp and grits. Bearcat is also stocked with a hearty collection of fresh, cold, bottled beverages made in house, like the Charcoal Lemonade or the iced chai with almond milk. Even the hungriest of cats will be satisfied with the Vegan Bearcat.

BEARCAT Uptown: 2521 Jena St 2nd floor, (504) 309-9011, BEARCAT CBD: 845 Carondelet St., (504) 766-7399,

A Very Vegan & Vegetarian Valentine's Day
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The Daily Beet

With an emphasis on colorful fruits and vegetables—sourced locally, of course—The Daily Beet serves energizing, healthy dishes that always hit the spot. From the Acai Bowl and the avocado toast to the Rainbow Bowl and the Summer Kale Salad, The Daily Beet has vegan options that satisfy. Even the smoothies, like the PB & J and the STARBUXX, are made with almond or rice milk, so all vegans can enjoy. The restaurant also offers local brews, fine wines, and mimosas made with freshly squeezed juice.

A Very Vegan & Vegetarian Valentine's Day
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The Green Fork

A brother and sister duo combined their talents, love of healthy food, and southern roots to make The Green Fork, a delicious addition to New Orleans food culture. There's a juice or smoothie for any kind of mood you're in, including Balance, Love, and Laughter. Although Green Fork was voted the number eight juice bar in the United States by Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, it also serves soups, salads, and entrees—all of which are made using healthy and fresh ingredients. The Roasted Tomato and Fennel soup or the Paleo Brussel Sprout salad are sure to not disappoint.

1400 Prytania St., (504) 267-7672,

A Very Vegan & Vegetarian Valentine's Day
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City Greens

Wrap up your Valentine's Day by building your own salad or wrap and then chasing it down with a raw, organic fresh-pressed juice. Don't feel like doing all the work? City Greens has got items for you, too. Try the Vegan Quinoa, Kale, and Corn Salad, the Avocado Hummus Tofu Wrap, or the Sweet Potato Power Bowl. These greens and healthy ingredients will have you feeling energized and satisfied!

A Very Vegan & Vegetarian Valentine's Day
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Sneaky Pickle

In the mood for some Valentine's Day mac 'n' cheese? The Sneaky Pickle has you covered—with vegan cheese. They also serve an un-beet-able Beet Flatbread, a Sushi Rice Bowl, and a Reuben (made with tempeh of course). Don't forget the pickles! Get the Pickle Plate to start and the vegan chocolate chip cookies for a perfect end to your night.

3200 Burgundy St. (504) 218-5651,

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