Where Y'at Chat - July 2019 at The Rivershack

10:25 July 15, 2019
By: Nikki Reyes

Where Y'at Chat Questions (July 2019):

  1. When is the last time you did your best to help someone?

  2. What would be the best "National Day of...." that you'd create?

  3. What are the best items to purchase in order to embarrass the cashier at check-out?

  4. When you play hide-and-seek in your home, where's the best place to hide? Are you playing alone?

  5. Where is the best place to kiss you on your body?

Kim Kovacic
General Manager, The Rivershack Tavern

  1. Last night!

  2. National Day of Not Being Normal.

  3. Condoms, Preparation H and bourbon.

  4. Under the table, and no, not playing alone!

  5. Do I really have to answer that? Not sorry

John Flynn
Chef, The Rivershack Tavern

  1. Every day! Even yesterday.

  2. National Day of Growing Something.

  3. Extra-large condoms, hemorrhoid cream, and scotch.

  4. I'm in plain sight, and no, I do not play alone. Not often.

  5. I taint answering dat!

David Erwin
I'm retired and spend my time at the Rivershack

  1. Umm, a couple of days ago.
    I love my daughter!

  2. National Day of Going to Your Favorite Bar.

  3. Condoms, tampons, and chewing gum.

  4. The attic. And no!

  5. My neck.

Jose Fermin Ceballos
Singer/Songwriter, Author of Pisando Mi Sombra

  1. Seven years ago. I did my absolute best!

  2. National Day of Listening to Dominican Music.

  3. Plantains, toothpaste, and tissue paper.

  4. Under the bed. And, no.

  5. My lips.

Donna Boudoin
Retired Educator

  1. Two weeks ago.

  2. Take Your Friend to the Beach Day.

  3. Vacuum bag, mini cocktail bottles, and cassettes on SALE!

  4. I know the best spot. And I don't play alone.

  5. Neck!

Harry Shearer
Grandiose Multi-Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter, Pianist

  1. Helped a homeless person on Claiborne Avenue.

  2. National Aging Rocker Day.

  3. Recent purchases on checker's Amazon profile revealed through a data breach.

  4. In the basement. I tried hiding from my cat, but he was already there, hiding from me.

  5. That thing that got lopped off before I was conscious!

Paul Sanchez
Multi-Award-Winning Musician, Guitarist, Storyteller

  1. My best? Every day.

  2. National Songwriters Day.

  3. The cashier is most likely to embarrass me!

  4. Inside my mind with my eyes closed. Yes, naturally!

  5. Depends on who's kissing...

Beth Patterson
Musician/Grand Mistress Of The Bouzouki

  1. Last night at my friend's wedding!

  2. National Throw a Pie to a Mime Day.

  3. Batteries, Vaseline, and My Little Pony toy.

  4. My speaker cabinet, and I ALWAYS play alone!

  5. By an enemy? My ass!

Giselle McBee
Co-Owner, Woodhouse Day Spa in Metairie

  1. When I met him and he married me.

  2. National Go to Woodhouse Day Spa Day.

  3. Suppositories, air filter, and Clorox bleach.

  4. Behind my door, and NEGATIVE to follow-up question.

  5. Ummm, all of my body! Is that dirty?

Jeanne Faget-Stephens
Founder, Belles Fete Productions, LLC

  1. Three weeks ago. Comforting my father-in-law after his wife died.

  2. National Wash Your Cat Day.

  3. Denture cleaners, a cucumber, and whipped cream.

  4. In the closet and always alone.

  5. Wouldn't you like to know?

The Rivershack is a cozy tavern nestled along the Mississippi River at 3449 River Rd. in Jefferson. It has been a staple for almost 30 years, and the building has been there for over a hundred years. Their unique menu is always amazing, but their daily specials pack the locals and tourists in. They always have something interesting going on during the week (trivia on Monday nights, Casey Saba and Adam Peirce from The Voice on Wednesday nights, and Game Night on Thursday nights), and on the weekends, they have some really awesome bands that rock the house!

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