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Trepwise Hosts Nonprofit Planning Workshop

15:00 October 10, 2022
By: Tiara Perrie

Trepwork For Good Program Launches New Nonprofit Event

Trepwise, a local growth consulting firm, is set to host a free community workshop to aid nonprofit leaders and professionals in the planning and implementation of tangible nonprofit goals that will have a concrete, positive impact on the local New Orleans area. The workshop will be held on Oct. 18 from 6 - 8 p.m at the third floor of 900 Camp St. To sign up to attend the event, visit Eventbrite.

Educating the Community About Nonprofit Planning

This event will focus specifically on the importance of planning within the nonprofit sphere. Trepwise hopes to help nonprofit professionals at all levels of development, and welcomes both established organizations as well as those in the ideation or growth phase. This two hour workshop will guide participants through a strategic planning process that will allow these organizations to identify exactly how they hope to impact the community, and the resources that will be needed to accomplish their goals. The event will provide the methods, tools and templates that will benefit these organizations and their missions, and will include a night of teaching, applied learning exercises, small group discussions, and a Q&A.

This event is part of Trepwise's Trepwork For Good initiative, which aims to use Trepwise's access to social, financial, and educational resources to support historically disadvantaged groups. It is a corporate social responsibility program which distinguishes Trepwise from other corporations in the community.

For more information about Trepwork For Good, Trepwise, or the event, visit here or contact

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