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Tips to Zoom Like a Pro

13:00 July 14, 2020
By: Graham Andreae

One of the new changes that has resulted form COVID-19 is the move of work to the virtual. Included below are a list of changes that may help you develop your video conferencing skills, as well as a few pointers on manners when it comes to conversing on a video chat service like Zoom.

The first thing that you want to do is very simple: Arrive early. This is something you would do normally in an everyday meeting, but technology makes it easier to be late than ever. However, doing so reflects poorly on you and forces the video chat to recap for you if you are late. (This is assuming your office will allow you to come into the video chat late, let alone taking the time to catch you up.)

The second thing that you must note is that you should use video in your chat rather than simply relying on audio alone. Failing to turn on your video is a big mistake and makes everyone on the call wonder what it is you are doing that they can't see.

Third and finally, you cannot do more than one task at once on your computer. Audio will pick up the clicks and typing, which will disrupt the conversation. If you simply must multitask, or if you happen to have a lot of background noise wherever you are while on a Zoom call, you may want to mute your microphone.

In summary, what you need to do is to take the video calls seriously, because for now, they are the main way that many people are working. Gone are the days where loud dogs in the background are tolerated. It's time to start adulting and being professional about your video conferencing.

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