The Ribbon Gala Gives Reason to Wear Red.

09:00 November 30, 2019
By: Liv Arriviello

The 31st annual Art Against Aids gala will be held on December 7th, 2019 at CLUB XLIV at the Superdome in New Orleans. Art Against Aids has undergone a slight makeover and come out on the other end with the name The Ribbon Gala. The Ribbon Gala (formerly Art Against Aids) gives you the chance to sport your best red outfit and support your brothers and sisters living with HIV/AIDs in the New Orleans area. According to their Facebook event, this fundraiser assists more people with HIV/AIDS than any other fundraiser in the city. NO/AIDS taskforce donates all proceeds from ticket sales and auctioned items go to the betterment of the lives of men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS in the New Orleans area. HIV/AIDS is an endemic disease that can be passed down in several ways; less obvious is vertical transmission (i.e from mother to child via the umbilical cord).

7 p.m. will mark the start of the (pre) Patron Party with the gala and auction following at 8 p.m. The gala hosts some of the finest establishments New Orleans has to offer; great food from local restaurants, a holiday boutique, a juried auction of art, local merchandise, and staycation packages. Items up for auction at the Larry Mercier memorial holiday boutique can be found listed on the Art Against Aids Website; items include the likes of wreaths and holiday decorations to tickets for a Saints Superbowl Game valued at $17,000.00 (on the off chance that the Saints don't go to the Superbowl, the winner of the auction receives 50/50 cash value for the tickets). There are several New-Orleans-unique collectibles listed as part of the silent auction as well. One collectible includes a December Diamonds Mermen Collection of mermen ornaments with a diamond crusted tails valued at $1,600.00 with a starting bid of $500.00. There will be an auction, silent auction (beginning at 8 and ending at midnight) fixed-price items and monetary donations. Attention artists! You can send a request to donate an item to this forum here with a short description of the item and its value. Though you will not be compensated, it is a good opportunity to market & establish yourself as a socially conscious business.

A general admission ticket is valued at $100.00 per ticket to the gala and can be found here. In order to buy Patron Party tickets, guests will have to pay an additional fee. They are available for purchase on their website here where they are priced at $125.00 for a ticket to the Patron Party and Gala event. They are discounts available for bulk purchases and parking is free for the first 200 people to arrive.

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