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The National WWII Museum Offering Online Course on WWII Remembrance

09:00 July 03, 2020
By: Sofia Gomez Alonso

In honor of the recent 75th anniversary of WWII, The National WWII Museum is offering an online continuing-education program that looks back at the Second World War from a global perspective. The course discusses how different countries remember or forget this event, by encouraging its participants to examine a number of monuments, memorials, and memory acts. It will also cover how this event has impacted modern national and international politics today. The program is designed for "life-long learners and K through 12 teachers looking to better understand World War II."

[Lukas Blazek/Unsplash]

The course was put out by the National WW II museum in collaboration with Arizona State University. The material and coursework have been curated by top scholars from both entities. No reading is required for this course, but attendees will have the opportunity to access a variety of books and websites on the topic, as well to engage in an online discussion forum with instructors and fellow students. All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

The start date of the course is August 3, 2020, and it will end on October 9, 2020. The enrollment deadline is September 18, and the course has a total fee of $229. Anyone who wishes to attend can enroll with the following link: courses.cpe.asu.edu/browse/ww2/courses/cpe-ww2-103

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