[Photo Provided by Alisa Lindsey]

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans: The Running of the Bulls

08:30 July 04, 2017
By: Alisa Lindsey

The Running of the Bulls is an annual tradition that pays tribute to the original, world-famous Running of the Bulls: the Encierro in Pamplona, Spain. This year will mark the 11th year that the event has taken place in New Orleans.

Mickey Hanning of New Orleans was born on the Westbank. He gave himself the title "El Padrino" (The Godfather) of San Fermin in Nueva Orleans, and he and a friend came up with the idea for the event. In 2007, San Fermin in Nueva Orleans was born.

Who are the bulls?

The bulls of the event are made up of the Big Easy Rollergirls and participants from other roller derby leagues across the country, who will be chasing after runners with plastic bats and horns on their hats. There is one rule when it comes to the bulls: NO TOUCHING. Yes, the bulls may look attractive, but see with your eyes and not with your hands.

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans: The Running of the Bulls
[Photo Provided by Alisa Lindsey]


The event isn't just about throwing a massive party; some of the proceeds from the event are donated to charities, such as Beth Friends Forever and Animal Recuse New Orleans. Beth Friends Forever is a charity that helps individuals who are going through chemotherapy. The Animal Recuse New Orleans helps animals reunite with their owners when separated, or to find new owners when needed. The most important thing about ARNO is their no-kill triage shelter. With the support and funding from San Fermin in Nueva Orleans, these charities have the opportunity to make changes in peoples' lives.

Volunteers are more than welcome, and you can visit the website to sign up. All volunteers will gain free entry to the welcome party, and are eligible to purchase tickets to the V.I.P event for a discounted price.

Events take place all weekend, July 7 thru 9. July 7 is the El Txupinazo (pronounced choo-pin-AHT-so), which is the kickoff of the event, limited to 150 attendees. Ticket prices range from $35- $80 dollars. July 8 is the actual El Encierro, or The Running of the Bulls. All Bull Run runners are required to wear a white shirt (any kind), white pants or shorts, and a piece of red cloth around their waist and neck. The race starts at 8 a.m. sharp. Also on July 8 is La Fiesta de Pantalones, which is just as it sounds—a pants party. The last day, Sunday July 9, is El Pobré de Mi (Poor Me), a tapas brunch with drinks and live entertainment. Tickets can be purchased on the website nolabulls.com.

If you are coming from out-of-town to take part in the NOLA Running of the Bulls, hotels are available with special booking rates. Participating hotels include the Dauphine Orleans Hotel, the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, Hotel Le Marais, Hotel Mazarin, and The Whitney Hotel. By mentioning #SFNO2017 or NOLABULLS, you can receive 12% off the best available rate. To make your reservation today, call 407-581-8234 or visit www.neworleanshotelcollection.com/san-fermin-in-new-orleans.

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