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Nomination Submissions for 2025 NOTCF Gala Honorees are Open

07:00 June 14, 2024
By: Mathilde Hebert

NOTCF Gala Honoree Nominations

The New Orleans Tourism and Culture Fund (NOTCF) is pleased to announce the nomination process for its annual gala. On their website is the nomination form for anyone or groups that would want to submit a nomination for next year's
NOTCF Annual Gala.

The third annual NOTCF Honors Gala will be held on January 11, 2025 at Mardi Gras World. This celebration focuses on New Orleans residents and their part in shaping the vibrant fabric of the city.

[Artwork by Terrence Osborne, Courtesy of NOTCF's Website]

The Nominations

There will be three main categories for the nominations: "Emerging Artist," "Established Artist," and "Lifetime Achievement."

Within the "Established Artist" category, one artist will be chosen for each of the six smaller categories, which include "Culinary Arts," "Design," "Entertainment," "Literary Arts and Humanities," "Preservation," and "Visual Arts and Crafts."

Guidelines for Nominations

Anyone interested in taking part in the nominations can do so through NOTCF's website before midnight on Monday, July 1, 2024. If any or all questions are left unanswered, the nomination becomes insignificant and won't be eligible for acknowledgment for any of the categories.

Each submitted form is limited to having one nominee. One complementary ticket for the event will be given to the winners.

The ability to participate in an interview, which will be filmed and shown on the night of the gala, is a requirement for winners. Additionally, in order to promote the gala, winners must agree to having their headshots shown.

Board members and staff of the NOTCF cannot be eligible for nominations themselves in any of the categories. Members of the nominating committee are not eligible to be nominated in any category. It is also not allowed for workers of the City of New Orleans' Office of Cultural Economy to be nominated in any category.

Submissions will be examined and graded according to a five-question matrix. To reduce judgments based on subjective opinions or conclusions, scores will be determined consistently and objectively.

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