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NOLA’s The Roots of Music is a Finalist for the 3rd Annual Accelerator Awards

12:00 November 12, 2021
By: Re'gine Smith

In the right hands, music has the power to transform lives, create better situations, and could even bring a sense of peace into communities. Those involved in music and utilizing it for the right reasons are bound to exceed expectations and overcome boundaries. Young people are so influenced by music and often face opportunities that will allow them to have a better life. Young people need level-headed leaders to teach them self-discipline. For most of them, being involved in music programs is their way to a better outcome.

The Roots of Music program serves young people ages 9-14. It teaches music history and offers instrumental instruction. Through this program, kids are taught to be self-reliant and productive. With academic support and mentorship, those in the program are in great care of the leaders who actually have a vision for kids to become more than just average. Speaking of leaders, New Orleans' Derrick Tabb of The Roots of Music has been named Finalists for The Lewis Prize for Music 2022 Accelerator Awards.

Philanthropist Daniel R. Lewis founded The Lewis Prize for Music in 2018. The prize will be giving away three $500,000 Accelerator Awards to the leaders who create a positive impact through music programs for kids. The Roots of Music is recognized for that impact, and it certainly will bring in more kids for the program due to its recognition. Monday through Friday, all year long, The Roots of Music provides 2,500 hours of music education and academic tutoring, over 30,400 hot meals, 1,400 bus journeys, and gives over 150 instruments for students to use.

The winners who end up getting The Lewis Prize for Music will be formally announced on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

The Lewis Prize for Music full finalists lists includes:

1. INTEMPO - Stamford, CT

2. Media Rhythm Institute - Baltimore, MD

3. RYSE Youth Center - Richmond, CA

4. The Heartbeat Music Project - Navajo Nation Reservation

5. The Roots of Music - New Orleans, LA

6. Totem Star - Seattle, WA

7. We Are Culture Creators - Detroit, MI

8. White Hall Arts Academy - Los Angeles, CA

Read more about The Roots of Music program here.

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