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Return of the Mighty Mississippi: NOLA’s River Fest to Take Place in October

09:00 August 24, 2021
By: Re'gine Smith

Come out and celebrate the Mississippi River at the New Orleans Jazz Museum with all of your might on October 23! This year's River Fest is coming in hot, but that kind of heat will hopefully be more tolerable with everything residents and visitors could partake in.

Unless you were living under a rock, you all know that last year's River Fest was held via Facebook live. In the wake of COVID-19, many events were either canceled or went virtual. Slowly but surely, the city has gotten the hang of taking heed to various restrictions and is trying to shake back from the massive blow of the pandemic. Many of the residents are excited to experience the spirit of New Orleans again. Many of us were yearning to get a feel of how everything used to be, and we all have a chance to live it up again—yet we must consider the health of others while enjoying the festivities.

According to the history of NOLA River Fest, it "encourages guests to invest thought and action into the preservation of the community that gathered to celebrate." The city is big on education as much as it is on entertainment. Most of the passion people have for New Orleans is rooted in their knowledge of the city and their desire to preserve and nurture it. When you know better, you do better. Wouldn't you agree? The many festivals we love attending often provide an educational aspect, and more appreciation blossoms with learning about the history of such events.

People have been attending River Fest and celebrating the Mighty Mississippi for the last eight years, and it costs nothing but your time and an open mind.

Tremé-Lafitte Brass Band, Sunpie and the Louisiana Sunspots, and National Park Service Band are among other artists in this year's lineup and are sure to leave a lasting impression. Want more information on who will perform? Be sure to visit River Fest's Music Line Up. Interested in what the speakers will be discussing? Click here. Don't forget to treat yourself to some wonderful food and refreshing drinks! There are various options to indulge in.

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