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“Yet She Is Advancing”: New Orleans Women and the Right to Vote Exhibition comes to the Historic New Orleans Collection

07:00 March 23, 2023
By: Mercedes Ohlen

Expanding on a 2020 virtual exhibition produced by The Historic New Orleans Collection, the exhibition "Yet She Is Advancing": New Orleans Women and the Right to Vote, 1878-1970 is being brought to their physical location.

From April 28 to November 5, 2023, the exhibition will explore the women of New Orleans and their struggle to obtain the right to vote- as well as their perseverance and ultimate success.

The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution extended the vote to American women in 1920. This served as a turning point in women's rights, yet the story of women's voting rights in New Orleans does not end in 1920. While at the federal level all women could vote, Black women were affected heavily by Louisiana laws that worked to disenfranchise them. While white women flooded to the polls and increased their political participation, segregation meant that Black women had to continue to fight for their right to have their voice heard. From paying outrageous poll taxes to organizing important voter registration drives, Black women challenged their status as second-class citizens up to and through the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Through objects, images, documents, and interactive displays, "Yet She Is Advancing" will explore the story of New Orleans women and their resilience and political activism. Through their determination, they helped advance our nation's democratic ideals and inspired future generations of political activists.

This exhibit is free to view. The Historic New Orleans Collection is located at 520 Royal Street. For more information, please visit

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