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The Smoothie King Center Ranks 6th for Cheapest NBA Arena for Food

07:00 March 01, 2024
By: Eliana Sarfati-Magill

Cheap Eats at the Smoothie King Center

After the cost of tickets to the games, travel to the stadium, and the obligatory team jersey, the cost of going to an NBA game can be pretty steep. However, there are some NBA arenas that are more affordable than others.

According to a study by Betway, the Oklahoma City Thunders' Paycom Center ranked first for most concession options per capita, as well as most affordable hot dogs and beer on average.The Smoothie King Center, home court to the New Orleans Pelicans, comes in sixth in the ranking, with beer coming in at $0.75 an ounce and hot dogs at $6.50 each.

New Orleans always boasts both the best and most affordable bites in the country, and the stadium is no exception. Come enjoy a home game at the Smoothie King Center and enjoy a hot dog and a beer without breaking the bank. The Pelicans also scored a 95 on the public sentiment aspect of the study, again proving that NOLA pride is all encompassing.

This study was conducted by Betway, an online sports betting company. The study used five key data points from each venue, including number of food and drink stands per square feet and number of seats, beer price, hot dog price, and social media sentiment. These data points come together for some interesting, simplified results.

The arena has a wide range of food options for those willing to expand from the hot dogs and beer in the study. Of course hot dogs and beer are readily available. However, head over to Nola Nacho for specialty nachos, Parish Pizza for a slice, or Geaux Mac for some decadent mac and cheese. Those looking for a classic beer grab one at Beer Market, but those looking for some NOLA flair with their alcohol will enjoy Big Easy Daiquiri. There are also burgers, jambalaya, fried chicken, smoothies, and more easily accessible throughout the arena.

Come enjoy a competitive game of basketball at the Smoothie King Center and don't hesitate when heading over to the concessions!

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