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It’s About Time: M.S. Rau Unveils “Time Across Time” Exhibit

14:00 October 14, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The well-known antique gallery M.S. Rau, located in the French Quarter, will be unveiling a new series of entries into their collection, all of which are themed around time and how humanity has measured it. The installation, aptly dubbed "Time Across Time: Clocks and the Art of Timekeeping," will officially be open to visit beginning this Friday, October 16. This exhibit, consisting of slightly over 30 distinct works of art, will cover multiple topics that exhibit humanity's ever-long attempt to either contend with or quantify time's unceasing march.

Note that this entire installation will be available for in-person visits, provided social-distancing and standard procedures are followed, so you can receive the full experience, should you choose to drop by. Many of the works of art on display are incredibly intricate and detailed, and seeing them uninhibited by a screen will undoubtedly serve to increase your appreciation of everything included. That said, should schedule or health prevent a physical visit, virtual tours are also available on their website, which you can visit by following the link HERE.

The "Time Across Time" installation will be prominently displayed at the venue all the way until November 21, so there is a fittingly large window of time to visit it. While virtual tours are available, seeing this while physically present is the recommended way to view the works on display. Part of the impetus driving this exhibit is the standstill many of us have felt in the past months with seemingly never-ending isolation, so it may do you some good to get out and see it for some small sense of normalcy. Another notable reason to attend in-person is M.S. Rau's opening party for the installation, known as the "Revel on Royal," being held on the opening day from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. Considering that the installation is free to the public, interested parties have little blocking their way to visiting it, aside from a trip to the French Quarter.

You can read more about M.S. Rau's storied history with antiques or learn more about the virtual tour by visiting their website HERE.

M.S. Rau: 622 Royal St., (888) 711-8084,

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