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Foundation for Louisiana Offering Grants for Local Artists

12:00 January 19, 2021
By: Kala Hathorn

For centuries, the survival efforts of the indigenous and African American people of Louisiana have been overlooked. The gratifying endeavors of minorities to outlive incessant hardships, from natural disasters to social and political adversity, have always been outstanding. As a tribute to these remarkable efforts, the Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) will be providing 30-40 grant awards for local minority-based artists and traditionalists that will range from $5,000 to $10,000.

The foundation is looking to assist individuals whose artistic creations address the impacts of climate, mass imprisonment, cultural legacies, and the obliteration of ethnic culture. There will also be specific funds that will be allotted to elder individuals as well as those who identify as transgender within the LGBTQ community.

The purpose of this foundation is embedded in the bettering of indigenous and African American lives in hopes of eradicating any economic deprivation that would affect their livelihood or artistry. The Foundation for Louisiana also believes that when artists are supported for their work, creative limitations and boundaries become non-existent.

One of the foundation's primary goals is magnifying artists and their work. Artists who can contribute to making Louisiana a fortifying place rich in culture, art, and tradition will be given the ability to shine in new ways. Another goal of the foundation is to increase funds within the community of ethnic artistry so that projects at any stage of development can evolve without restrictions. The final goal is to encourage, support, and uplift Louisiana traditions and abundant culture through art that is liberated and reflects the souls of various communities.

With the continued progress of the foundation, recruitment for decision-makers concerning this grant is needed. A decision-maker's role is to review and make decisions concerning applications, help publicize the grant opportunity, and nominate other members for the next grant-making process.

If you are interested in applying or being a part of this groundbreaking grant-making process, please visit FoundationforLouisiana.org for more information.

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