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Five Spots to Get Out and About on Earth Day

12:00 April 20, 2022
By: Tatum Arbogast

With the sweet scent of honeysuckle tickling your nose and the slight breeze cooling off the heat, almost nothing is more rejuvenating than nature in the springtime of New Orleans. Conveniently landing in the middle of this period, Earth Day, on Friday, April 22, offers an incredible excuse to explore, appreciate, and enjoy the relaxation of the great outdoors in and surrounding the New Orleans area. Whether you're looking for an opportunity to give back to mother earth or simply to get out and about, Where Y'at has got five spots for you.

City Park - New Orleans Earth Day Hike in Couturie Forest

Located in the heart of Mid City, City Park provides a sprawling escape of 1,300 acres for New Orleans locals and visitors, alike. Among the park's attractions, Couturie Forest spans 60 of those acres and includes vivid greenery, teeming wildlife, and peaceful waterways, making it a scenic taste of the great outdoors. This Sunday, April 24, Veggie Mijxs, a local BIPOC and LGBTQ centered group, is hosting an Earth Day hike through Couturie Forest with delicious vegan treats provided. If you're interested in the event, feel free to register and find more information here.

St. Roch Market - New Orleans Earth Day Celebration

For those looking to take action this Earth Day, St. Roch Market, a New Orleans food hall that typically boasts local chef's cuisine and beverages, is hosting an Earth Day Celebration in partnership with youths and artists within the city. The event centers on a challenge to recycle and will include a wide array of activities, vendors, performers, and a display of paper dresses made by local artisans. If you are looking to give back and celebrate this Earth Day, this event will be perfect for you.

Longue Vue Gardens

For a more cultivated experience in nature this Earth Day, look no further than the historic Longue Vue House and Gardens. Showcasing eight beautiful acres of pristine gardens, Longue Vue offers an incredible outdoor venue for tranquility and reflection, making it a perfect local getaway this Earth Day. More than that, viewers have to opportunity to connect with rich New Orleans' history within the museum of the 1940s home, before or after viewing the gardens. This historic and artistic experience is a wonderful way to connect with nature and New Orleans, all in the same.

Jean Lafitte National Park

Getting away from the cultivation and precision of the Longue Vue Gardens, Jean Lafitte National Park consists of six locations scattered throughout southern Louisiana, providing the perfect Earth Day spot for whatever celebration you may be looking for. Each of these locations boasts a deep appreciation for rich Cajun culture and bayou wildlife, in their own distinct way. With the ability to walk the park grounds or visitor centers on your own or even take a guided tour through the swamps, connections with nature are more than versatile this coming Earth Day.

Bogue Chitto State Park

Across Lake Pontchartrain and among an everchanging river and wildlife system, Bogue Chitto State Park is an excellent escape for the city dweller, who's looking to get away this Earth Day. With 1,786 acres of green forests, tranquil streams, and cypress swamps, the park is a wonderful destination to visit this Earth Day and possibly even stay for the weekend. To look into camping, glamping, and cabin options at Bogue Chitto, you can start your experience here!

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