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10 Can't Miss Dishes at Hogs for the Cause 2024

07:00 April 04, 2024
By: Gabriella Bonura

Hogs for the Cause is a two-day food and music filled event, but also a fundraising opportunity to help children with their fight against pediatric brain cancer. Hogs for the Cause will be taking place on April 5 and 6 at the UNO Lakefront in New Orleans. There will be over 95 teams cooking up mouth-watering meals, specifically pork dishes.

If you are a pork lover and are into trying unique foods, you won't want to miss this event. Check out this list of 10 interesting, yet irresistible food choices that teams will be serving. You can't get these crazy food options anywhere else.

10 Irresistible Food Options at Hogs for the Cause

1. Bacon-Wrapped Oreos

Oreo variations, like fried oreos, have continued to gain popularity over the years. Team David Hasselhogs is taking oreos to another level by wrapping them in bacon. For $6, you can get three mega stuffed oreos wrapped in bacon and covered in powdered sugar.

[Image by Gustavo Escanelle/Where Y'at]

2. Pineapple Pepper Jelly Wings

With the sweetness from the pineapple and the heat from the Tabasco, this sweet heat combination from Team All Hail The Curly Tail is a must try. For $5, you can get four smoked and grilled wings tossed in their pineapple habanero Tabasco sauce and homemade pepper jelly.

[Image by Gustavo Escanelle/Where Y'at]

3. Little Piggies in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket is the perfect breakfast option or even just a snack. This isn't something you can really find anywhere, unless it's homemade. Luckily, Team Deuce Pigalow is bringing Little Piggies in a Blanket to the event. They will be available to try on Saturday only for $6.

[Image by Gustavo Escanelle/Where Y'at]

4. Crawfish Rangoons

A spin on the Asian dish of Crab Rangoons, which are usually stuffed with crab and cream cheese, Team Chits & Piggles is making this a true Louisiana dish by adding crawfish. Chits & Piggles is making Crawfish Rangoons for Hogs for the Cause and will be topping them with Creole mustard pepper jelly sauce. This is part of their Friday Night Menu, so don't miss it.

[Image by Gustavo Escanelle/Where Y'at]

5. Pepper Jelly Bacon Cheesecake

A classic and simple dessert has been made into something much more than that. Team Smoke Show Cook Squad has taken cheesecake and made it into a sweet, yet savory dessert by adding bacon to the cracker crust and topping the cheesecake with a pepper jelly glaze. You can grab a slice for $5.

[Image by Gustavo Escanelle/Where Y'at]

6. Fritos, Corn, & Bacon Soft Serve Ice Cream

Team Pig Latin is making something you have probably never seen, or heard of, before. A true combination of sweet and savory, this Fritos, Corn, & Bacon Soft Serve Ice Cream is exactly what it sounds like. This soft serve ice cream will come in a sugar cone and will be topped with corn and bacon marshmallows.

[Image by Gustavo Escanelle/Where Y'at]

7. Maple Bacon Donuts

Who doesn't love a soft, warm donut? Head on over to Team Swine Krewe to try their Maple Bacon Donuts. These Krispy Kreme donuts will be topped with a sweet and salty maple bacon glaze and crumbled with bacon bits.

[Image by Gustavo Escanelle/Where Y'at]

8. Bacon Baklava

Team Hoggy Style is taking a unique approach to a traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dessert. Baklava, a flaky pastry filled with nuts, is now going to be infused with bacon and a smokey syrup. This will only be available on Friday for $5 per slice. Make sure to get there before they run out.

[Image by Gustavo Escanelle/Where Y'at]

9. Chewy Brown Butter Bacon Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies might be basic, but a good chocolate chip cookie never fails. There's something about a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie that just melts in your mouth. Team Hamerica 2024 is elevating chocolate chip cookies by adding bacon and caramel chips. Cookies are $2 a piece.

[Image by Gustavo Escanelle/Where Y'at]

10. Bacon Jam Deviled Eggs

This deviled egg recipe by Team Pork Fiction is a classic. A staple finger-food option, Pork Fiction is filling their deviled eggs with a bacon jam. Their Bacon Jam Deviled Eggs will be served on Friday and Saturday for $4.

[Photo Credit: Gustavo Escanelle]
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