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10 Great Covington Restaurants To Visit

07:00 April 16, 2024
By: Janay Major

Located right outside of New Orleans and over the Causeway bridge sits the small historic town of Covington. Covington is a quaint city on the Northshore, surrounding itself with small shops and friendly people.

There are plenty of parks in Covington for fun outdoor activities including biking, hiking, and camping. After you have worked up an appetite, visit one of the many restaurants there. If you are having trouble with finding a place to eat, don't fret because this list is with a solution to your problem.

10 Restaurants to Visit in Covington

1. The Chimes

19130 W. Front St., (985) 892-5396, thechimes.com

[The Chimes-Covington, Website]

The Chimes Restaurant and Taproom has been serving LSU and the Baton Rouge area since its conception over 25 years ago. They have decided to spread the love and expanded to Lafayette and Covington.

Their food is absolutely delicious and worth the stop in. Order crawfish cheese fries for the table, and order the seafood lasagna just for yourself.

2. Mattina Bella

421 E. Gibson St., (985) 892-0708, mattinabella.com

[Mattina Bella, Website]

Mattina Bella's atmosphere is similar to Covington's: quaint and neighborly. This family-friendly spot has a special place in the neighborhood and in the hearts of the locals.

Mattina Bella serves both breakfast and lunch. Order the blue crab Benedict for breakfast; you will not be disappointed. If you can not make it to breakfast, don't worry; get Matthew's meatballs. It is a family recipe with deep history and flavor.

3. Lola

517 N. New Hampshire St., (985) 892-4992, lola.restaurant

[Lola Restaurant, Website]

Former Brennan's Restaurant sous chefs and current married couple Keith and Nealy Frentz opened Lola when they were just in their 20s. They had dreams of opening a restaurant and were able to accomplish that in 2006.

Lunch and dinner are served at Lola. Consider ordering the yellowfin tuna poke bowl for lunch--made with carrots, coconut lime sticky rice, charred pineapple, cabbage, romaine, avocado, spiced almonds, spicy mayo, Asian vinaigrette, and ponzu. For dinner, order the pepper jelly oysters.

4. Crazy Pig Southern Kitchen

500 River Highland Blvd., (985) 234-9447, crazypigkitchen.com

[Crazy Pig Southern Kitchen, Website]

Prepare yourself for this gut-busting flavor explosion that is Crazy Pig Southern Kitchen. This restaurant sells some of the most decadent dishes you will have in your life.

Don't believe it? Start the table off with praline bacon and a fluffy strawberry waffle. For yourself, order the sticky chicken; it is a house special made with cane syrup. Their signature Benedicts are superior! Order the "Whole Hog," a Benedict with pulled pork and crumbled bacon.

5. Baan Thai

501 N. Theard St., (985) 377-3154, baanthaicovington.com

[Baan Thai, Website]

New Orleans metro area is breaming with great Thai restaurants, so it's only fitting that one in Covington should also be recommended. For the table, order the Thai toast and blanket shrimp.

The Thai toast is a mixture of shrimp, pork, and chicken on white bread and deep fried; it is served with a sweet. chili sauce. The blanket shrimp is seasoned shrimp wrapped in spring roll paper and deep fried. Order the yellow curry for yourself; it is incredible, and you can decide what protein you want.

6. Turgeau's

207 N. New Hampshire St., (985) 327-5933, turgeaus.com

[Turgeau's, Facebook]

Chef Rose Ledezma and Chef JP Turgeau, owners of Turgeau's, found love via kinship and food. Turgeau's serves breakfast and lunch with options for people with or without dietary restrictions.

Try their famous gumbo grits--a bowl of grits topped with a hearty scoop of gumbo. For my cruelty-free advocates, Turgeau's has a ton of vegan options including pancakes, a veggie sandwich, black bean burrito, omelets, and even an vegan dessert option.

7. Marcello's

324 E. Boston St., (985) 400-5668, marcelloscovington.com

[Marcello's, Website]

Marcello's is an Italian restaurant rooted in tradition and deliciousness. For the table, order the antipasto board with a bottle of wine.

The crabmeat contessa is a fan favorite and needs to be on your devour list. For your entree, order the linguini tritone--made with crabmeat, lobster, shrimp, mushrooms, spinach, and sherry cream sauce.

8. Gallagher's Grill

509 S. Tyler St., (985) 892-9992, gallaghersgrill.com

[Gallagher's Grill, Website]

Gallagher's Grill specializes in curating unforgettable experiences. Pat Gallagher has been serving food to the Covington locals and Jazz Fest attendees for over 20 years.

If you have chance to visit this locally owned steakhouse, order the bacon wrapped scallops and oysters pablo for the table. The oysters pablo are made with spinach, chipotle peppers, shallots, tequila, and Romano cheese. For your entree, order the chargrilled quail paired with lemon butter.

9. The Pink Agave

19124 W. Front St., (985) 327-7214, pinkagavetaqueria.com

[The Pink Agave, Website]

The Pink Agave's menu is just as funky and cool as their decor. This vividly intense Mexican restaurant is filled with neon signs, and their food packs a flavorful punch.

For the table, order the Southwest egg rolls. They are made with corn, beans, onions, peppers, parmesan, and paired with a chipotle aioli. For your entree, order the Mexican pizza and the quesabirria tacos.

10. Valencia

315 N. Vermont St., (985) 900-2151, thevalenciarestaurant.com

[Valencia, Website]

Valencia takes all of the great cuisines of New Orleans, Louisiana and Valencia, Spain to create a one-of-a-kind experience at a one-of-a-kind restaurant. Covington may be a small city, but this restaurant packs a huge punch.

For the table, order their cream goat cheese infused with honey, Valencia orange marmalade, and crushed pistachios. Also, order the Valencia roll--two egg rolls stuffed with shrimp, chorizo, gruyere, and white cheddar cheese paired with a Valencia orange chili dipping sauce. If you're with family, order the paella for four as the entree.

Special Places to in Covington

The New Orleans Metropolitan area is reasonably boastful about their food and good times. Having a reputation of great Southern hospitality, incredible cuisine, and a transporting nightlife is not an easy feat; however, the seemingly effortless execution NOLA pulls off prompts people to return.

Because Louisiana cuisine has a deepened history both in flavor and culture, it will never be difficult to find a soul-touching meal in this state. The food in Covington is no different. Results may vary with Covington's nightlife; however, the flavorful meals and great personable interactions make Covington worth visiting.

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