Voodoo Fest Do's and Don'ts

10:12 October 20, 2017

With Voodoo Fest fast approaching, we here at Where Y'at thought it would be a good idea to remind you of some good, tried-and-true tips for making the most of an amazing weekend full of fun. Live, learn and have a ton of fun, but keep these tips in mind:

1) Don’t Over-Party

New Orleans is a well-established party city, and, thus, Voodoo falls squarely in the middle of a fun time to be in town (Halloween weekend). That being said, we always see those people wasted at 3:00 in the afternoon who can’t make it to the end. Quite simply, they burn out. Don’t be one of those people. Have some beers, or whatever, but don’t cause yourself to miss some awesome sets later in the day because you started pounding booze before you even got going. 

2) Deciding Between Sets

Festivals are amazing chances to see some of your favorite bands, but what if multiple things of interest are happening at the same time? That can be the tricky part. If a band you love is rocking, by all means stay and enjoy. But, say they aren’t drawing you in like you thought … then feel free to go find something else and make every minute count. There’s nothing worse than seeing a middle-tier quality set and hearing about another act killing it. 

3) Dress Comfortably

People go all out for this festival, and, seeing as it’s Halloween weekend, we can’t say we blame them. But the issue comes in overdoing it, especially in the footwear department. Make sure to check the weather for the day, and, if it’s raining, don’t wear flip flops. Go with something that will give you much-needed support later in the day. You don’t want to be the person slowing down your group because you made a poor choice in shoes. Lastly, we all see the guy wearing that stupid Borat-inspired swimsuit. We all laugh at that guy and not in the good way. Don’t be that person. 

4) Soak in the Environment

NOLA is a magical place, especially during the Halloween season. It’s one of the most fun places ever, and if you do it correctly, you’ll feel right at home in our wonderful city. Have fun, have many drinks, and if you have time, see some of the city beyond what’s at City Park. You won’t regret it. 

5) It’s Always a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Three days of music in the Crescent City doesn’t just involve seeing act after act in a gorgeous part of the city. But with that in mind, this suggestion somewhat ties into our number one choice. Go slower during the day, don’t overindulge in whatever you might be enjoying, and, of course, drink plenty of water and eat some actual food. Water is key, especially if it turns out to be a hot weekend. It’ll help you to keep going so you can see closing sets by the likes of Arcade Fire, The Weeknd and Tool.  

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