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Two-for-One at Chris Rock Show

23:39 March 26, 2017
By: Giselli Danzig

On the opening night of a three-night stand by comedian Chris Rock, fans received the ultimate two-for-one combo when Dave Chapelle appeared live as well.

The sold-out Saenger was buzzing on Saturday night for Chris Rock’s first tour in nine years.  The crowd was dressed to the nines, and cell phones were locked down due to the no-cell-phone policy. Celebrities including Tyra Banks, Rosario Dawson, and part-time local Jennifer Coolidge (Stiffler’s mom) were in attendance. 

The show began with Comedy Central Roast king Jeff Ross, who brought a half dozen audience members to the stage and gave each a mini-roast … insulting him/her about everything from outfits to hairstyles. Eric Andre followed with a rapid-fire routine that touched on more Donald Trump, Cuba, and the TV show Cops.

After a short intermission, the announcer over the PA went into an animated introduction for Chris Rock … only to have Dave Chapelle strut across the stage to everyone’s shock. Once the crowd had finally calmed down, Chapelle performed for 15 minutes on such topics as gays, the Zika virus, and the backlash from his current Netflix special. The crowd again rose to its feet for an extended ovation as Chris Rock joined Chapelle on stage.  Rock commented, “You wish you had your cell phones, right?!” 

Rock and Chapelle chatted back and forth for the next hour for an unscripted hangout session between two friends. Topics ranged from politics to porn to Rock’s divorce, which took up the majority of the discussion. Chapelle invited Rock to “talk it out” as Rock explained the painful parts of marriage and divorce. Howls of laughter were heard for Rock’s story of his adventures on Tinder and when he hit on Rhianna … only to realize that he was now viewed more as a friendly uncle than a good-looking young stud.

As the evening wore on and the audience felt things coming to a close, Chappelle acknowledged the specialness of the evening by commenting that it was “one of the flyest thing I’ve ever been a part of. The last two nights of Rock’s show will doubtlessly be hilarious, though there will be no repeat of this historic evening as Chapelle has left for Austin for his own five-night series.

Photo from @ericandre Twitter account

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