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Turtle Soup in Tallahassee? It's Possible With Goldbelly.com

17:00 May 04, 2020
By: Staff

Local legend Commander's Palace is adjusting to the times by making some of their most popular dishes available to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. on Goldbelly.com.

Diners can gift their loved ones—or keep for themselves—ready-to-bake options like turtle soup, garlic bread, spiced sugarcane-lacquered quail, and pecan pie. It's just in time for Mother's Day and arrives complete with reheating instructions, so you'll end up with Commander's-level cuisine coming out of your very own kitchen. No one has to know you had help from Goldbelly, so you can even pass it off as your own cooking. Go on, take credit for this amazing meal—you still placed the order.

Goldbelly.com is a foodie's dream website. Order your favorite treats from restaurants all over the country and have them shipped to your front door. This means that folks in Iowa can have authentic New York City bagels, and a couple in Detroit can be enjoying the delicious turtle soup from Commander's Palace that we locals take for granted. Longing for the best cheesecake of your life from that little place in California where you went on your last vacation? Goldbelly.com to the rescue! Just order some online.

Now that Commander's has joined the Goldbelly lineup, the rest of the country—as well as those of us close by—will be able to enjoy true New Orleans fine dining without having to leave home.

To order Commander's for someone far away or nearby, click HERE.

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