The Best Thing Since French Bread: Where to Get a Good Loaf Around New Orleans

13:00 March 15, 2019
By: Burke Bischoff

New Orleanians are completely spoiled by their city’s food. Honestly, it’s a given how world-famous most New Orleans cuisine has become over the years, so people here expect only the best when they’re shopping around for their meals. This, of course, includes our favorite local loaf: French bread. Planning on making some po-boys or bánh mìs for a family party? Need something to dip into your gumbo or etouffée? Do you want to just slap some butter or olive oil on it and dig right in? Well, here are some places in the Greater New Orleans area where you can pick up some of the best French bread around.

French Bread and Where To Get A Good Loaf Around New Orleans

Hi-Do Bakery
439 Terry Pkwy., Terrytown
(504) 366-6555

This is a particularly great little gem on the Westbank. Founded in 1995 by baker Ha Do, Hi-Do is a family-owned and -operated bakery that is known for its custom-designed king cakes, pastries (my favorite are their raisin scones), and, of course, French bread. You can order their freshly made, inexpensive French bread in three sizes: small (6 inches), medium (12 inches), and large (about 20 inches). So, the next time you find yourself on the Westbank, stop by Hi-Do Bakery. You’ll surely be greeted with a warm hello from the staff and the smell of delicious baked goods.

Hong Kong Food Market
925 Behrman Hwy. #3, Gretna
(504) 397-7075

Considered to be one of the largest Asian markets in the Greater New Orleans area, the Hong Kong Food Market has really anything you could possibly want. It offers everything from fresh meat, produce, and fish to sweets, condiments, drinks, and other items from all kinds of different cultures, not just Asian. When you first go into the market, head to the right until you see a stand selling fresh-cooked meat and bánh mìs. There will be a clear compartment filled to the brim with French bread. The bread is soft and fluffy, and you can take three loaves for just $1. So, go get yourself some good French bread and do some exploring while you’re in the Hong Kong Food Market.

Dong Phuong Bakery
14207 Chef Menteur Hwy.
(504) 254-0214 

If you live in New Orleans or even just passed through for Mardi Gras, you’ve no doubt heard of Dong Phuong Bakery. Owned by Huong Tran and located in the Little Vietnam section of New Orleans East, Dong Phuong has become nationally famous for its assortment of Vietnamese baked goods and cuisine, as well as for providing some of the best king cakes around. The French bread that Dong Phuong bakes is used in a number of highly rated Vietnamese restaurants, such as Tân Định, Phở Tàu Bay, and Nine Roses. Take a drive out to New Orleans East, order some French bread, sit down and have a bánh mì, and see why Dong Phuong Bakery is so renowned.

French Bread and Where To Get A Good Loaf Around New Orleans

John Gendusa Bakery Inc.
2009 Mirabeau Ave.
(504) 283-2747 

Proudly proclaimed as “the originators of the famous poor boy bread,” this bakery was founded by John Gendusa in 1922. It gained its fame when brothers Bennie and Clovis Martin asked Gendusa to produce a long, uniform loaf of bread so that they could use it for their sandwiches, now commonly referred to as po-boys. Family-run for about four generations, John Gendusa’s provides multiple restaurants, like Parran’s Po-Boys and Gene’s Po-Boys, with their traditional French bread, as well as muffuletta loaves and pistolettes. Get yourself some John Gendusa’s French bread, serve some po-boys to your friends and family, and tell them they’re eating the “original” po-boy.

French Bread and Where To Get A Good Loaf Around New Orleans

Leidenheimer Baking Company
1501 Simon Bolivar Ave.
(504) 525-1575

The oldest and most famous bread-provider on this list, Leidenheimer Bakery was founded in New Orleans in 1896 by George Leidenheimer from Deidesheim, Germany. Originally located on Dryades Street, the business moved to a new location on Simon Bolivar Avenue in 1904 and has continued to be family-owned and -operated there ever since. Originally using heavy German breads before switching to New Orleans French bread, Leidenheimer is the primary French bread-provider for New Orleans, most of Louisiana, and the Gulf South. If you’re having Leidenheimer French bread, then you’re having some of the best French bread around.

French Bread and Where To Get A Good Loaf Around New Orleans

Langlinais Bakery
815 S. St. Antoine St., Lafayette
(337) 235-2644 

The go-to place for French bread in Lafayette, Langlinais Bakery was founded in 1968 in order to meet the demand for French bread for roast beef po-boys in the area. By 1971, Langlinais’s popularity continued to grow, and the bakery now delivers its products all throughout Lafayette and even to restaurants across the United States. In addition to offering their famed French bread in whatever size you want, the bakery also provides muffuletta bread, boule bread, breadsticks, and Italian twists. Order yourself some French bread and see why Langlinais Bakery is the talk of Lafayette. 

French Bread and Where To Get A Good Loaf Around New Orleans

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