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Study Shows Louisiana Doesn’t Waste Food

15:00 November 19, 2021
By: Re'gine Smith

One thing we know how to do in Louisiana is stretch food.

Many of you cook for your household, right? Oftentimes, the meals don't go to waste because they're either eaten up in one sitting by everyone or, if there are any leftovers, those are eaten within a day or two. One of the most satisfying things about having leftovers is recreating them. In this state, being wasteful isn't on our radar. Around the holidays, food definitely isn't going in the trash. Now, you may have to know how to store food properly, but other than that, those Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's meals go straight to the belly, not the trashcan.

According to LawnStar, which ranked the states that waste the most food, Louisiana ranks as one of the least wasteful states in the country at number 46. Coming in at number 50, Louisiana has the highest share of recycled food. The state also ranked 49 for lowest share of food wasted.

Here, families are exceptionally good at planning meals and storing certain foods. Before we visit a grocery store, we tend to make a list of things we absolutely need. It's factual that many of us buy frozen foods and canned goods. Frozen vegetables come in handy for those sides. LawnStar says that frozen and canned foods last much longer; this is a huge factor in how much food we can save.

Another key in how Louisianians save food is freezing things like bread and meat. It's common to find such items in freezers across the state. Most of us have been in situations where our mother would call us while she was away, telling us to take some meat out of the freezer to thaw out so that she could come home and cook it for whatever meal she had in mind. A mother in Louisiana certainly knows what she's doing when it comes to cooking. And she'll be damned if members of her household waste any food under her roof. Creativity, a need to save money and overall gratefulness are only a few factors that keep Louisiana from being wasteful.

To see more about LawnStar's study, click HERE.

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