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Southern Food & Beverage Museum to Host Brunch Month This October

13:00 July 15, 2021
By: Madeline Taliancich

Who doesn't love a good brunch? With bottomless mimosas and eggs of all varieties, it's hard not to love! Today's much-loved tradition was actually invented in New Orleans in the 1870s by a woman named Madame Begue, according to the Southern Food & Beverage Museum. Begue created this new brunch meal for workers who finished their shifts after traditional breakfast times had passed, but before lunch.

This October, in honor of Madame Begue bringing brunch to NOLA, the Southern Food & Beverage Museum will be hosting Brunch Month in its Louisiana Kitchen and Gallery. Every Saturday in October, there will be a different brunch featuring different chefs and local personalities. Each brunch costs $60, but this price includes the three-course meal, gratuity, and whatever entertainment is included on that day. Alcohol in the form of classic brunch cocktails and punches provided by Eve Marie Haydel, Southern Food & Beverage Museum board member and bar director of Dooky Chase's Restaurant, is excluded from the cost of your meal.

There will be a drag brunch hosted by Poppy Tooker on Saturday, October 12, featuring dishes by Chef Jason Goodenough of the Carrollton Market.

On Saturday, October 16, there will be a Filipino Kamyan Brunch with dishes from Cristina Quackenbush of Milkfish.

The Barrow's Beyond Catfish brunch on Saturday, October 23 will feature dishes from the team at Barrow's Catfish.

The Halloween Boehme Brunch will take place the Saturday before Halloween, October 30, with dishes by Colleen Allerton and Camille Staub of Luncheon.

Guests are encouraged to make brunch reservations in advance due to limited seating.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit southernfood.org/the-birthplace-of-brunch.

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