Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

10:46 November 02, 2016
By: Lindsay Kornick

After weeks of never-ending summer weather, New Orleans may finally be experiencing signs of autumn. With the possibility of cooler temperatures, natives and tourists alike can finally begin to enjoy the outdoor setting without record-breaking heat. Fortunately, the city provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors as the season grows more bearable. In fact, there are plenty of bars and restaurants throughout the city that provide alfresco dining for fans of the sunny days or peaceful nights.

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

American Sports Saloon

The American Sports Saloon provides the perfect setting for any sports fan. Outdoor as well as indoor fans can grab their favorite cocktail as well as some delicious food while watching their favorite teams play on one of their multitude of televisions. This casual French Quarter bar is available for lunch stops, dinner plans, or late night parties for those New Orleans Saints fans. Just make sure to call ahead for certain hours and enjoy the nightlife New Orleans has to offer.

1200 Decatur St. • 300-1782 • facebook.com/AmericanSportsSaloon

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans


In both alfresco dining and refined cuisine, Angeline offers a unique experience for both breakfast and dinner. Chef Alex Harrell fuses traditional Southern dishes with Northern Mediterranean cuisine to create a unique flavor in one of the most infamous cities in the country. Though one of the classier and pricier spots in the city, their carefully crafted wine and cocktail list, extensive collection of desserts, and superb hospitality and service make Angeline an ideal spot for the perfect dining experience. With a good dinner and the great outdoors, Angeline is a definite choice for a reservation.

1032 Chartres St. • 308-3106 • angelinenola.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Another Broken Egg Cafe

If anyone wants to enjoy a sunrise, Another Broken Egg Cafe can provide the perfect breakfast go with it. Opening at seven in the morning, this restaurant prides itself on its breakfast meals such as their gourmet, handmade omelettes and eggs benedict. In both of its two locations, visitors can enjoy a crisp morning with a high-quality meal in a casual spot. Another Broken Egg Cafe also provides lunch with additional hours ranging from two in the afternoon until eight in the evening.

2917 Magazine St.  • 301-2771 • anotherbrokenegg.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans


For a true alfresco experience, most of the seating at this wine shop and restaurant is actually outside. Though seats at this exclusive spots are hard to find, the spot is well worth the effort with more than one hundred wine selections, original cocktail selections, and courtyard dining featuring live jazz music every day provided good weather conditions. Since Bacchanal does not take reservations and works on a first come first served basis, this destination in the Ninth Ward remains a much-sought after spot for an outdoor evening this fall.

600 Poland Ave • 948-9111 • bacchanalwine.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans


Bayona provides one of the more traditional locations of the French Quarter located in a 150-year-old creole cottage. The restaurant was recognized as one of the top 40 places to dine in the U.S. by Conde Nast in 1993 and continues to marvel patrons to this day. Their lush tropical courtyard creates one of the most romantic and serene outdoor settings within the city. Visitors also enjoy the contemporary cuisine of chef and co-founder Susan Spicer whose picture is placed on the restaurant patio. Bayonna is available for lunch and dinner provided calls are made for dinner hours.

430 Dauphine St. • 525-4455 • bayona.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Bayou Wine Garden

Come enjoy both lunch and dinner at this neighborhood kitchen’s roomy Mid-City patio. While a more casual spot for outdoor eating, Bayou Wine Garden gives its customers a variety of wines and small plates to enjoy for a regular visit. In addition, the spot also prides itself as one of the few restaurants to serve wine by the tap. With the gradual slide into the autumn season, Bayou Wine Garden hopes to provide the ideal casual and intimate atmosphere for its customers. If you get a chance, book “The Snug” for a secluded booth and a private party.

315 N Rendon St. • 826-2925 • bayouwinegarden.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans


For fans of great drink specials and life-sized Connect Four, Barcadia is the spot for you all night long. This bar provides classic childhood fun with plenty of grown-up twists by combining the fun of arcades and games with a full bar and great food. After that, you can grab your drink and see New Orleans at night from their own outdoor service. Just stop by Barcadia during one of their Happy Hours for their drinks and half-priced apps.

601 Tchoupitoulas St. • 335-1740 • barcadianeworleans.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Blue Oak BBQ

What’s considered “New Orleans’ Best Barbeque in the World,” Blue Oak BBQ is a relatively new Mid-City spot waiting to be discovered. Founded in 2012, New Orleans natives Ronnie Evans and Philip Moseley hope to provide mouth-watering BBQ whether it’s in their sides, sandwiches, or main courses. As the fall season draws closer, there’s no better time to try a new location in alfresco dining. Blue Oak BBQ is open on Tuedays through Sundays from 11 AM to 3 PM. The restaurant then reopens from 5:30 PM to 9 PM or until they eventually sell out of food.

900 N Carrolton Ave. • 822-2583 • blueoakbbq.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Bouligny Tavern

The excellent follow-up to Lilette, Bouligny Tavern follows in the tradition of a sophisticated bar experience in an intimate environment. With vintage chairs, classically modern light fixtures and vinyl records playing classic singers, this tavern is the epitome of the old-school getaway for a meal. For alfresco dining, enjoy the intimate patio space marked in between the tavern and Lilette, the bistro next door. With hours beginning at four and running past midnight on select nights, Bouligny Tavern was made to be a night hotspot.

3641 Magazine St. • 891-1810 • boulignytavern.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans


The legendary French Quarter restaurant honors New Orleans tradition with its infamous cuisine, architecture, and ambiance. With its unique Creole menu and its old-world dining rooms, a meal at Brennan’s turns into a historical experience that remains with both natives and visitors. Permitting weather conditions, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner on its interior patio with Chef Slade Rushing providing a new life to old style. If you have the time, make sure to consider Brennan’s for an extravagant and memorable New Orleans meal.

417 Royal St. • 525-9711 • brennansneworleans.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans


Less than a block away from the wild spirits of Bourbon Street, Broussard’s provides the older, classic depiction of New Orleans eating. Their patio overlooks a lush, tropical courtyard that remains as elegant as it was in the restaurant’s founding in 1920. With the newer influence of chef Neal Swidler, manager Chris Ycaza, and bartender Paul Gustings, Broussard’s is sure to remain a French Quarter staple for years to come. If you happen to stop by, try the shrimp with two remoulades, pecan stuffed salmon, or panee'acadian, each a specialty of Broussard’s.

819 Conti St.  • 581-3866 •  broussards.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Chateau Cafe

For anyone who is in a hurry but still enjoys a good outdoor snack, stop by Chateau Cafe in Lakefront. For more than fifteen years, this small shop has provided everything from breakfast food to salads to seafood to anyone who wants a quick meal. If you have time to enjoy the fresh air, grab a table outside to savor one of their sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For dinner parties, be sure to call in advanced. Chateau Cafe also comes with a drive-thru during all operating hours.

139 Robert E. Lee Blvd. • 286-1777 •  chateaucafe.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

The Chimes

First established in 1983, The Chimes in Covington has provided the place for good Louisiana comfort food and beer for more than thirty years now. Walk-ins are welcome for breakfast and lunch with dozens of options for a late-night tab. The Chimes also has two additional locations, so if you’re driving through South Louisiana, you’re sure to come across this unique spot that guarantees a good time to be had by all. The Chimes is also available for take-outs and brunch.

19130 W Front St. • 985-892-5396 • thechimes.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Commander’s Palace

Winner of New Orleans Magazine 1996 Chef of the Year. New Orleans Magazine 1995 Favorite Overall Restaurant. GQ's Golden Dish Award for Eggs Sardou, Commander’s Palace’s legacy speaks for itself. Located in the Garden District, Commander’s Palace is thought to be the original spot for a jazz brunch and patio dining. For contemporary Louisiana food and alfresco dining, look no further than Commander’s Palace. The restaurant has also won a number of James Beard Foundation Awards, including Outstanding Service in 1993 and Outstanding Restaurant in 1996.

1403 Washington Ave. • 899-8221 • commanderspalace.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Dante’s Kitchen

Since 2000, Dante’s Kitchen has provided a varied menu of soup, salads seafood, and many other entrees with a New Orleans style. Although it mostly provides dinners, the restaurant is also available for Saturday and Sunday brunches with reservations optional for both in large parties. Stop by its courtyard on the Riverbend and enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature along with the active life of cars moving down the street. Brunches are predominantly first come first served with dinner recommendations preferred.

736 Dante St. • 861-3121 • danteskitchen.com  

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Dat Dog

Named by Zagat to the Top Ten list of “Franks Worth Traveling For” in the United States, Dat Dog is probably the perfect spot for a hot dog in New Orleans. Founded by New Orleans locals Constantine Georges and Skip Murray, known as the “Hot dog guy,” Dat Dog provides the traditional American classic with Louisiana twists. Smoked Andouille, alligator and crawfish sausages along with Creole tomatoes and roux-based chili are among the features at this unique food stop. For lunch or dinner, this is one New Orleans experience that is truly original.

601 Frenchmen St.  • 899-6883 • datdog.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Del Fuego Taqueria

Del Fuego Taqueria takes the Mexican restaurant boom of New Orleans and raises the standards to a whole new level. Though there are many Mexican spots popping throughout the city, Del Fuego Taqueria remains at the top of many people’s favorite. With custom made loaded guacamole, trios of tacos, handmade burritos, and refreshing margaritas, this restaurant remains the highest local spot for Mexican food in the Big Easy. Call in advance to reserve lunch or dinner, and begin a night that is sure to be memorable from the moment you taste their homemade salsa.

4518 Magazine St.  • 309-5797 • delfuegotaqueria.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Gattuso’s Neighborhood Restaurant

Take a break from the fast-moving party life of downtown and stop by Gattuso’s Neighborhood Restaurant for some neighborhood eating. This spot is a locally-owned bar and restaurant located in the beautiful Gretna Historical District. If the outdoor setting wasn’t enough, enjoy their daily Happy Hour as well as various events such as live music and trivia nights. If you happen to stop by, try their Blackened Salmon Salad featuring spinach, pecans, bleu cheese, and raisins thrown together for a marvelous dish.

435 Huey P. Long Ave. • 368-1114 • gattusos.net

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Gordon Biersch

Whether you’re in for a shot of beer or some quality food, Gordon Biersch has you covered. This pub-style restaurant creates their own award-winning beer to compliment their delicious bar snacks for a truly original time. Try their GB Beer Mushroom Chicken served with asparagus and a bit of brew in their stunning location, and then you’ll see what makes Gordon Biersch the winner of “Best Bar Patio” by beer-drinkers as well as the 2nd best place to drink beer in New Orleans.

200 Poydras St. • 552-2739 • gordonbiersch.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Best known as Southeast Asia by the way of New Orleans, Mopho provides an international flavor in the Mid-City. Not only does this restaurant provide lunch, dinner, and catering to their valued customers, but every Saturday includes the roasting of a whole pig over pecan wood in their outdoor pit. If that isn’t enough, Mopho Chef Michael Gulotta was recently named a 2016 F&W Best New Chef, so the restaurant is definitely the place waiting to be discovered in New Orleans.

514 City Park Ave. • 482-6845 • mophonola.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans
Morning Call

After a walk through the majestic City Park, make sure to take a break and stop by Morning Call for a cup of coffee and a plate of beignets. This quaint coffee stop in one of the largest parks outside a city has been gladly serving customers since 1870. Come for a seat in the local City Park events, but stay for what has been described as “one of the world’s great coffee houses” nationwide. If there was ever the perfect place to try a beignet in New Orleans, it would be here. Morning Call is also located in Metairie behind Lakeside Mall.

3325 Severn Ave. • 885-4068 • morningcallcoffeestand.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Orleans Grapevine

Whether you’re in for a date night or out with some friends, the Orleans Grapevine is a French Quarter hot spot for an amazing bar experience. With over 300 wines by the bottle and 65 wines by the glass, each visit is sure to be different from the last. Stop by for their delicious Surf ‘n’ Turf or their Bacon Happy Hour for free bacon. Make sure to get there quickly for their wine and food because Orleans Grapevine does not take reservations.

720 Orleans Ave. • 523-1930 • orleansgrapevine.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans
Pagoda Cafe

Stop for breakfast or lunch at the Pagoda Cafe, perfect for any coffee stop in the seventh ward. The breakfast and lunch meals are served Tuesday through Friday, though the shop is closed on Mondays. Try one of their breakfast tacos made refried beans, roasted potatoes, egg & cheese on a flour tortilla with “Villa Arcos” sauce. For any particular customers, Pagoda Cafe also includes vegan and gluten-free options. Pagoda Cafe is also available for takeout or outdoor seating.

1430 N Dorgenois St. • 644-4178 • pagodacafe.net

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans
Pat O’Brien’s

A staple of Cajun and Creole food in the Big Easy, Pat O’Brien’s motto has always been to “have fun.” People from all walks of life travel to enjoy their specialty drinks and top-notch food. Get a taste of that New Orleans air with the help of their New Orleans Trinity: a cup of red beans and rice, jambalaya, and chicken gumbo. Of course, you can’t leave Pat O’Brien’s without trying one of their fabulous cocktails such as the Hurricane, The Skylab, Pat O’s Lemonade, and many, many more.

718 St. Peter St. • 525-4823 • patobriens.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans
Poppy’s Time Out

With 21 viewing screens and 20 bars on tap, Poppy’s Time Out Sports Bar & Grill takes on the hottest sports action on the Lakefront. Opened seven days a week, Poppy’s Time Out is available for all kinds of sports crowds from parties of 20 to huge gatherings of 3,000. Quench your thirst with one of their specialities like Poppy’s Voodoo Juice during your favorite game or just relax in one of their outside tables with a view of the Mississippi River in the distance.

500 Port of New Orleans Pl • 247-9265 • poppystimeoutsportsbar.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans
Roux Carre

Roux Carre is a true community restaurant dedicating its entire restaurant to the preservation of Central City culture. Various food vendors within it help to represent the African American, Caribbean, and Latin American influences of the city. These community spots include Estralita’s Express, Johnny’s Jamaican Grill,The Pupusa Lady, Splendid Pig, and the Youth Empowerment Project‘s Trafigura Work and Learn Juice Box. Above all, Roux Carre hopes to develop and protect the community for the families who have built their lives within it.

2000 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. • 309-2073 • facebook.com/RouxCarre

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

No place on Magazine Street or in New Orleans does modern Israeli cuisine like Shaya. Their variety menu of Baba Ganoush, Tershi, Kibbeh Nayah, and Maltzo Ball Soup assure a unique flavor of one of the oldest cultures. Though relatively new to the New Orleans scene, Shaya prides itself on its growing popularity as one of the best new restaurants in the city. This restaurant is also available for private dining and reservations up to six months in advance for certain parties.

4213 Magazine St. • 891-4213 • shayarestaurant.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans
St. Roch Market

This southern food hall boasts an endless variety of food, drinks, and entertainment for its more local location. With more than a dozen vendors, people are sure to find their ideal meal whether it’s Mexican dishes, oyster bars, or aptly name s “streetfood.” Opened daily, St. Roch Market is a great place to grow your food brand with more customer exposure. or simply enjoy a good meal with friends. This food hall just proves that the New Orleans experience can be found outside of the city.

2381 St. Claude Ave.  • 609-3813 • strochmarket.com

Outdoor Oasis: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans

Anyone available for good American meals at affordable prices can look no further than Sylvain’s in the French Quarter. This cozy restaurant provides a welcoming environment for brunch, lunch, or dinner. While the location and style gives off a casual vibe, the service makes sure to keep up its classy atmosphere, creating a presence unmatched by any other restaurant in the Quarter. Of all other spots in the New Orleans area, Sylvain gives off the best description of a New Orleans Bistro.

625 Chartres St. • 265-8123 • sylvainnola.com

Outdoor Oases: Great Spots for Alfresco Dining in New Orleans
Velvet Cactus

Velvet Cactus provides a taste of Texas in the heart of New Orleans. With its Mexican-inspired art in neon hues and various outdoor tables, this restaurant and bar steps ahead as one of the most distinct Mexican spots of the city. Under good weather conditions, people can enjoy a margarita in the moonlight at their front patio. With the addition of a ring toss game outside, the Velvet Cactus is prepared to welcome new crowds both young and old to try their blend of Tex-Mex.

6300 Argonne Blvd. • 301-2083 • thevelvetcactus.com

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