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New Orleans Entrepreneur Week's 10th Annual Festival this March

15:46 February 07, 2018
By: Crystal Morgan

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to attend New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW). If you’re innovative and ready to soak up tons of knowledge, register for this event presented by The Idea Village & JP Morgan Chase & Co.—and consider bringing a friend—because it’s free. From March 19-23‬, NOEW offers workshops and other networking events to promote entrepreneurship. Guest speakers include Jim Coulter from TPG Capital, fashion designer Rachel Roy, and Twitch app COO Kevin Lin. This year’s festival happens to extend into New Orleans Fashion Week, so expect a collaborative event at the end of the week. Registration opens February 21‬, and sign-up is available online with official lineup information.

Monday through Wednesday, the city will be filled with leadership activities, followed by the NOEW Summit on Thursday and Friday at the Contemporary Arts Center and The Shop At The CAC. The idea is to place multiple workshops around the city, so people can conveniently access them from work or their nearby neighborhoods.‬

Entrepreneurship is important, as it creates businesses, employment opportunities, and economic freedom. Generations Y and Z have some of the youngest entrepreneurs who often begin creating startups in their early 20s. Landing a job in recent years has been a bit more difficult, as education alone does not suffice. Most prospective employees today must also have years of experience and the right connections, which is typically not feasible for recent college graduates. Thus, many college grads have chosen to work in careers outside of their fields or have simply started their own businesses. Entrepreneurship isn’t limited to college grads, however. The younger generation is exploring the benefits of investing in building a business versus investing in college.

But is New Orleans the right place to start a business venture? Many New Orleans natives have left the city due to crime and lack of opportunity, but people are wondering if the city can now provide profitability with its ongoing redevelopment. NOEW panelists will address this issue, discussing whether young people should move to, stay in, or leave the city in pursuit of success.

The Idea Village is a worldwide nonprofit organization with a focus on entrepreneurial expansion that is celebrating 20 years since its foundation and 10 years with NOEW. To register for NOEW, visit noew.org.

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