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Louisiana Loves Neapolitan Ice Cream, Study Finds

07:00 June 07, 2024
By: Lillian Foster

Neapolitan Ice Cream Ranks #1

A study launched by Affordable Seating found that Louisiana's favorite ice cream flavor is officially Neapolitan, with vanilla coming in second.

Affordable Seating, a restaurant furniture manufacturer and wholesaler, used Google search data to analyze over 100 different ice cream flavors across each US state. Using 102 ice cream flavors and five search variations, the study found that Louisiana's top five ice cream flavors are:

  • Neapolitan - 717 average monthly searches

  • Vanilla - 588 average monthly searches

  • Cookies And Cream - 387 average monthly searches

  • Rocky Road - 383 average monthly searches

  • Chocolate - 367 average monthly searches

"Neapolitan ice cream is particularly popular across the US. It consists of three classic flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, in one container. The flavor has historical significance, tracing back to the 19th century," said Affordable Seating SVP of Chain Accounts Zach Kanoff in a press release.

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Researchers at Affordable Seating combined 102 ice cream flavors, including classics like strawberry and chocolate along with unique flavors like bacon and maple, with five search variations such as "[flavor] ice cream" and "how to make [flavor] ice cream."

After excluding terms with no monthly search volume, researchers analyzed 419 different searches. Examples of keyword combinations include "how to make honeycomb ice cream" and "salted caramel ice cream near me."

The top five favorite flavors in each state were then ranked by search volume from highest to lowest, generating a list of favorite ice cream flavors in each state.

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Scoops in the City

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