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JPAS Seeking Talented Youths for Upcoming "School of Rock" Show

07:00 May 08, 2024
By: Eliana Sarfati-Magill

"School of Rock" Coming to Metairie

The Jefferson Performing Arts Society is searching for talented young musicians, vocalists, and overall actors to perform in their rendition of School of Rock: The Musical in September 2024.

The performing arts group will be holding open auditions beginning Saturday, May 25 at 10 a.m. in the auditorium at East Jefferson High School in Metairie. They are seeking to cast a range of talented young people who are able to read, aging from 10-14 years. Each potential cast member should come prepared with 32 bars of singing or instrumentals depending on their desired role.

Every School of Rock rendition needs just a few adults, and this one is no exception. The JPAS is also holding a separate open audition for the roles of Dewey Finn and Ned Schneebly. In the show, Dewey Finn is a failed rock 'n' roller turned covert substitute teacher who, against the wishes of teachers and parents, starts a rock band with his students. Ned is a long time friend whose identity Dewey steals in order to earn the teaching position.

The musical is sure to be a great experience for all actors involved, as well as an incredibly entertaining show for audience members.

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