Jazz and Heritage Foundation Grant Application Opens

15:00 July 08, 2022
By: Zoe Lang

Jazz and Heritage Foundation Grant Application Opens

From now until August fifth, applications will be open for grants and community partnerships with the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation. The grant program supports schools, artists and non-profit organizations to carry out its mission to "promote, preserve, perpetuate and encourage the music, culture and heritage of communities in Louisiana". The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation accomplishes this through festivals, programs and other cultural or educational activities. Applicants can be granted up to $5000 in funding for projects. Over the past ten years, the foundation has granted over 12 million dollars to Louisiana communities.

What is the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation?

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation was started in 1970 in the hopes of celebrating the culture of New Orleans and imagining a future where the city's legacy lives on in the "eyes, ears and voices of our children". Today, the foundation continues to create, fund and support arts programs across the country that share in its vision. The foundation also establishes an emphasis on local artists and organizations that honor Louisiana and its people.

Individuals can get involved with the foundation through donations, sponsorship opportunities, volunteering and internships.

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Who is eligible for the grants?

This year's grants are open to 501c3 organizations, as well as all Louisiana nonprofits. Educational institutions including K-12 schools (public, private, or parochial), institutions of higher education and federally recognized tribal communities and tribes can also apply. Individuals may apply under the Media Documentation category, or the Louisiana Cultural Equity Arts category.

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Grant Categories

There are five grant categories that institutions and individuals can apply to through the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation:

In-School Education Programs in Music, Arts, and Cultural Traditions - typically used for instruments, repairs, sheet music, art supplies or other necessities to supplement the curriculum.

After-School and Summer Education Programs in Music, Arts and Cultural Traditions - this grant can be used to pay the fees or wages of teachers, artists and educators who provide instruction at these programs.

Presenting: Festivals and Concerts in Music and Performing Arts - covers the cost of hiring Louisiana based performers for in-state cultural events (only nonprofits can apply).

Media - Documentation + Creation - for the creation, documentation or exhibition of artworks of the indigenous culture of Louisiana.

Louisiana Cultural Equity Arts - the last category supports new works from historically underrepresented artists or art organizations.

Additional Resources

For more assistance, applicants can email grants@jazzandheritage.org or call 504-558-6103. The foundation will also host two Zoom Q&As to answer questions about the application process. These seminars will be held on July 13 and July 15 from 4:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. (RSVP on the Jazz & Heritage Foundation website). If you are unable to attend, recordings of each session will be available the Monday after they take place. There are also applicant help tutorial videos and PDF documents.

For more information, visit the grant webpage.

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