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15 Ways to Use a Bandana at Jazz Fest

07:00 May 03, 2024
By: Julie Mitchell

Helpful Tips for Your Kerchief

Going to Jazz Fest is a day full of important decisions. Am I going to see Widespread Panic or Darius Rucker? Will I spend my $15 on a strawberry lemonade or food for my family? Should I pay for a parking spot or walk three miles? It's a lot. When getting ready for Jazz Fest, you have to make some very careful choices about what to bring because you'll have to carry it around all day! Which is why we have composed this handy list in favor of the most important and versatile Jazz Fest item no one should ever forget, the bandana. In case you needed any reminding (you shouldn't), here are 15 ways you can use your bandana at Jazz Fest

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1. Headwrap

Style and function!

2. To clean up any sweat/spills

No one has the space to carry a whole roll of paper towels while they're trying to see Norah Jones and Dave Matthews, but spills happen. Be prepared!

3. Small carrier for small items

Fanny packs are for people walking at the mall and 80s music videos. There's a million tiny things you need to carry (hand sanitizer, toothpicks, rabbit's foot, glass beads), and there's no easier (or more fun) way than tying them up in a bandana.

4. Way to let people know your dog's cool

Music festivals are all about style and your dog should be a part of that. This is a big day for the dogs; you have to let them shine.

5. Way to obscure your face when someone you don't want to say hi to is near

There's nothing worse than getting trapped in a conversation on a hot day with Stan from accounting. Simply pull out your bandana and slip into comfortable anonymity in plain sight.
15 Ways To Use A Bandana At Jazz Fest
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6. Very tiny cape

It's just too hot for a full-sized cape.

7. Surface for fabric autographs

It's not 1999. No one's carrying yearbooks around. But when you're walking through the crowd and you see Stevie Wonder, instead of trying to make a selfie work somehow, slap a sharpie in his hand and get that fabric autograph to go.

8. Napkin

After waiting in line for 15 minutes, the last thing you want to do is go back up through the line because you forgot to grab napkins. Carry a durable one with you at all times.

9. Small tablecloth/ambiance (for all you Jazz Fest couples out there)

Sharing six inches of wooden slats next to a family from Iowa isn't exactly the most romantic thing in the world. But set a well-placed bandana down and blamo! You're reminded of your love and you're about to see Kings of Leon. Perfect day.

10. Very makeshift koozie

Sometimes we find ourselves without a koozie. No one means for it to happen, it just does. When this day comes (and it comes for all of us), will you get your hands wet as your beer gets hot from body heat? No! You will wrap it in a bandana and persevere.
15 Ways To Use A Bandana At Jazz Fest
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11. Scalp protector

Everyone starts off the day with the best intentions and applies sunscreen everywhere. But at hour four, rushing to see Patti LaBelle, there's just no time to reapply. But no worries. Just drape a simple bandana over your noggin and it's like you have your own personal shade tree.

12. Hat accessory for going to the Nick Jonas tent with your daughter

Nothing says cool like seeing teen sensation Nick Jonas with your dad. It's what every teen girl wants. Since every teen girl is going to be there with her dad, you have to do something to set yourself apart from the pack. Tying a bandana around the brim of your hat lets everyone in that stage area know, "I love my daughter and I have style to boot."

13. Belt extender

It's a long day, filled with fun treats. Most belts can't handle it. But your bandana can!

14. Handkerchief

Classic bandana usage, classic human need.

15. Gang affiliation

Let people know who you were rooting for in West Side Story! It'll save them the trouble of asking.

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