Fullblast Brunch Opens its Doors in Mid-City

16:17 September 06, 2018

There can never be too many brunch spots in the city, and now, add Fullblast Brunch to your “gotta try it” list! It recently opened its doors—in a quaint Mid-City neighborhood right off Canal Street—with reasonable prices, top-notch service, and a menu featuring Creole, Cajun, and Latin influences. It’s sure to become one of your favorites.

“I’m focused on using fresh, local ingredients and local seafood. I’m focused on quality, and just focused on doing things right,” said owner Chris Belou.

Fullblast Brunch Opens its Doors in Mid-City

That freshness can be tasted immediately in the Fresh Gulf Crab Cake, one of the menu’s most popular items. There is nothing worse than a crab cake that’s 60 percent bread and 40 percent crab. Fullblast’s crab cake is definitely something that Belou and the staff does “right.” It’s only dusted with a layer of breading and seems as if there’s no breading at all, since the crab’s freshness and flavor can truly be appreciated.

Fullblast Brunch Opens its Doors in Mid-City

The Shrimp and Grits is another classic served right at Fullblast. The grits are thick and creamy, the shrimp are as fresh as the crab, and the sauce has an amazing flavor with a perfect and powerful punch of rosemary.

The menu also has a heavy and creative concentration on Benedicts, featuring multiple dishes that each have a uniquely delicious spin on the classic.

The Chicken Milanesa is perhaps the most unique Benedict variation of them all: made with battered chicken breast, poached eggs, and pico de gallo over a black bean cake.

The Steak Benedict is also served with poached eggs over a perfect bed of rosemary and seasoned potatoes and blanketed with a tasty Béarnaise sauce in place of hollandaise.

The Herb Roasted Pork Benedict is served with seasoned pulled pork and poached eggs over a flavorful andouille sausage potato hash—absolutely scrumptious!

Though there’s a wealth of savory items on the menu, there are also options for those who wander in with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Fullblast Brunch Opens its Doors in Mid-City

The French Toast, for example, is mouthwatering and has the perfect amount of sweetness. The French bread is fresh, soft, beautifully topped with blueberry compote, and complemented with a side of crispy bacon.

Fullblast offers a full-service bar, and their drink menu includes brunch beverage favorites such as mimosas (with orange juice or a tasty Caribbean twist with mango juice) and Bloody Marys. 

Fullblast Brunch Opens its Doors in Mid-City

Another go-to from the bar for “sweets-lovers” is the Kahlua Vodka Coconut Punch. At first glance and taste, one may even question whether it’s an alcoholic beverage or a milkshake; but after a few sips, the buzz will quickly clear up any confusion.

From living in Mexico for seven years and working on a cruise ship across the Atlantic to traveling to multiple countries such as Japan and Russia, Belou explained that many culinary crafts which he learned abroad have greatly influenced the restaurant’s menu selections. He continued to say that though he enjoyed traveling nearly three-quarters of the world, as a fifth-generation New Orleans native, he’s excited to continue doing what he loves back home.

“It just feels right; it feels great,” he said. “I’m thrilled to be in New Orleans, and I’m thrilled to be in a neighborhood restaurant. I just want people to enjoy their meal and enjoy the space and be happy!” 

Fullblast Brunch is open Thursdays thru Mondays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 139 S Cortez St., (504) 302-2800, fullblastbrunch.com

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