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Five Spots to Get Donuts on National Donut Day November 5

14:00 November 02, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

A strong contender for the title of the number one, definitive sweet is the ever-long classic: the donut. It has been around for centuries and comes in so many variations by confectionery and by state that anyone with any kind of sweet tooth is hard-pressed not to have at least one or two flavors that they enjoy wholeheartedly. Listed below are five donut shops where you can enjoy this fried pastry on Donut Day this Thursday, November 5. (Incidentally, Donut Day is such a worthwhile occasion that it is celebrated twice a year, with the other Donut Day taking place on June 5.)

City Donuts & Café

Conveniently located on Claiborne Avenue, clearly visible from the road, is City Donuts & Café. While their menu is filled with classic morning-meal options such as omelets and breakfast burritos, this November 5, it may behoove you to give a look to the more tempting side of their menu. With exotic options like the grilled cheese donut and delicious filled donuts alongside traditional donuts, you cannot go wrong with any of your choices. Note that they do not have a website of their own, but you can check out their Facebook page, and you can easily place an order ahead of time with snappy third-party services like GrubHub. 3301 S. Claiborne Ave., (504) 472-5811,

District Donuts Sliders Brew

A donut shop that prides itself on its use of from-scratch dough and completely natural ingredients, this is another place you can hardly make a mistake with come Donut Day. They operate with a rotating menu, with multiple inventive donut flavors cycling on and off as weeks go by. The absolute staples of what we know as a donut are always available, so any cravings for classics like chocolate or glazed will always be satisfied. 2209 Magazine St., (504) 570-6945,

Terrytown Cafe & Donuts

A sight that may be familiar to those enthusiastic about not only the donut but about its makers is that of a 24/7 donut shoppe. Terrytown Cafe & Donuts fits this mold perfectly, with a staggering selection of different flavors of the eponymous fried treat. As the name implies, you can also pick up a hot plate of breakfast and java to go with your donuts. Note that this eatery also does not have a dedicated website, but a third-party food service can do the job just as well when it comes to ordering ahead or getting delivery. 2018 Carol Sue Ave., Terrytown, (504) 393-1323,

Blue Dot Donuts

A name you might recognize, should you frequent New Orleans's various donut vendors, is Blue Dot Donuts. Creative flavors you probably have not even thought of, like bacon maple, are delicacies served here and here alone. Blue Dot Donuts does not have a dedicated website for ordering or viewing the menu, but third-party food-delivery services and their Facebook page will get the job done just fine. 4301 Canal St., (504) 218-4866,

Tastee Donuts

Rounding off this list of places to procure a good donut is Tastee Donuts. With several locations around town, you'll never need to go without a donut. A traditional café-styled restaurant serving meals throughout the day, mainly sandwiches, Tastee Donuts also serves donuts that you can pick up any time of day, as their Metairie location is open 24 hours. Like many of the others on this list, this small eatery lacks a dedicated website but is easily ordered from either via a phone call or a third-party food service, and they're also on Facebook. Multiple Locations,

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