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Five Louisiana Hot Sauces to Enjoy on National Hot Sauce Day

12:00 January 21, 2021
By: Kala Hathorn

National Hot Sauce Day falls on January 22. It is a day for all spicy-sauce fanatics to showcase their appreciation for their favorite sauce. It is also an excellent opportunity to taste-test different styles of hot sauce and find out which one is a favorite. Some suggestions for kick-starting your day of heat include making dishes featuring your favorite sauce, taking a trip to your local grocers to try some different sauces, and hosting a flavor-filled party (safely, of course) with hot-sauce-friendly dishes. So, if you are looking to add spice to your "food" life, say no more. These hot sauce suggestions will help spice up the celebration. With Crystal Hot Sauce being the face of spice in Louisiana to Tabasco Hot sauce bringing life to any food creation, these Louisiana hot sauces are forces to be reckoned with.

Crystal "Louisiana's Pure" Hot Sauce

A vital staple to Louisianan food culture, this reddish-orange hot sauce serves as a classic in households and restaurants across the state. With just three ingredients, its dominating flavor wins the hearts and stomachs of many. From red beans and rice to smothered cabbage, Crystal Hot Sauce can make any Louisiana dish more than satisfying. If you are looking to add this tangy staple to your pantry, you can visit your local grocery store, or visit to purchase it at your convenience.

Tabasco Hot Sauce

Developed nearly 150 years ago, the flavor and excitement of Tabasco Hot Sauce is still relevant today. With its versatility in taste and refined style, one can enjoy an array of dishes with this one sauce. Originating and still produced in Louisiana's own Avery Island, this distinctive sauce packs a mild and smoky heat that will surely take anyone's taste buds on an adventurous journey. Tabasco Hot Sauce can be found at any local store, and it can also be purchased online at

Louisiana Brand, "The Perfect" Hot Sauce

Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce is indeed perfect when paired with any Cajun cuisine. Originating from New Iberia, this reddish-yellow sauce has the perfect balance between sweet and heat. Whether it is a Cajun-style jambalaya, a piece of crispy fried chicken, or freshly shucked oysters, this hot sauce will always be a star on any plate. If you are contemplating giving your taste buds a bold boost, make sure to head over to your local supermarket or buy online at

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce

The name of this hot sauce speaks for itself: It is so good, it will make you "slap ya mama." Its peppery taste riddled with Cajun spices can make anyone feel like a native Louisianan. This sauce is so full of flavor that it can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes. The overall heat balance is mild and suitable for anyone, even those who are not major hot sauce fans. The bright and distinctive label on this spicy sauce is one that cannot be missed. If you find excitement in spiciness, no worries—Slap Ya Mama Hot Sauce is only a store away. If you cannot find your way to a grocery store, visit online at

Cajun Chef Hot Sauce

Cajun Chef hot sauce is a power-packed sauce that carries both flavor and heat. Whether you are snacking on popcorn or chowing down on some hot wings, Cajun Chef does the trick. This sauce has a powerful heat impact that will leave you satisfied. The ideal correlation between vinegar and spiciness will make an average dish exemplary. Are your cravings going crazy yet? If so, quench them by visiting your local mart or online at

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