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Five Cool Places to Get an Ice-Cold Sno-Ball

11:00 August 05, 2020
By: John Glover

It's summertime in New Orleans. For many people, this time of year means one thing: sno-balls. New Orleanians are as serious about their sno-balls as Chicagoans about deep-dish pizzas or Philadelphians about cheesesteaks. And, considering we're just emerging from the hottest July on record with no sign of the heat relenting, you've never had a more compelling excuse to splurge on a shaved-ice treat. The only question is: Where should you go to get one? With sno-ball stands adorning practically every other block in the city, the deluge of options can seem overwhelming. This article's going to break them down into a digestible size, giving you five can't-go-wrong options.

NOLA Snow Snoballs

First up, with their multiple locations near Lakeview and Lake Shore, NOLA Snow has been serving sno-balls for nigh on four decades. They're famous for their original flavors. Family-owned, their stands make everything from scratch. Multiple locations, (504) 373-6555, nolasnow.com.

Bubby's Snoballs

Bubby's serves shaved ice out of the West End area. In addition to traditional sno-balls—those shaved-ice, sweet syrupy amalgams—Bubby's also specializes in the stuffed sno-ball. You can beef up your beat-the-heat with something a little more substantial, like gummy bears or a chocolate bar—built right into your sno-ball. 247 Harrison Ave., (504)905-2366, facebook.com/bubbyssnoballs

Lou Lou's Snoballs & Ice Cream

This one's for all of the Metairie folks out there. Choose from a plethora of delicious sno-ball flavors, including wild cheery, piña colada, and candy apple. Or, if you're feeling something a little bit heavier, go out on a limb with an ice cream flavor like groom's cake or pralines n' cream. 734 Papworth Ave., Metairie, (504) 478-2858, facebook.com/pages/category/Ice-Cream-Shop/Lou-Lous-Snoballs-Ice-Cream

Stop Jockin Snoballs

Located in the St. Bernard area, Stop Jockin has more than meets the eye. In addition to serving up staple sno-ball goodness, Stop Jockin also offers a menu of quality food options. Come for the sno-balls; stay for the po-boys and dressed nachos. 3600 St. Bernard Ave., (504) 206-0992, facebook.com/stopjockinsnoball

Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls

Imperial Woodpecker may have an exotic name, but they're doing sno-balls New Orleans-style out of the Uptown Touro neighborhood. Having started in the 1930s, Imperial Woodpecker might just be one of the oldest sno-ball shops in the city. Anyone who's stayed in business that long must be doing something right. 3511 Magazine St., (251) 366-7777, iwsnoballs.com

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