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Faubourg Brewing’s DAT’SUMA IPA Wins 2022 World Beer Award

15:00 August 25, 2022
By: Burke Bischoff

A Gold Medal for a New Classic

The World Beer Awards, which awards and promotes the world's best beers, has awarded New Orleans' own Faubourg Brewing Co. a gold medal for its DAT'SUMA IPA.

According to a press release from Faubourg Brewing Co., the awards recognized the DAT'SUMA IPA as the best Specialty IPA in the United States. Additionally, Faubourg, the only Louisiana brewery to be given a medal at this year's competition, will represent the United States at the World Championship beer competition.

The World Beer Awards give out gold, silver, and bronze medals for both Taste and Design to breweries around the world in different categories such as World's Best IPA, World's Best Lager, World's Best Specialty Beer, and more. Breweries that are given gold medals go on to compete against other winners in their category for a World Championship award.

Faubourg's 2022 gold medal beer, DAT'SUMA IPA, was launched in 2021 and is made with real Louisiana satsumas. DAT'SUMA is a 7.2% ABV IPA that is categorized by its citrus flavor that is balanced with both Amarillo and Azacca hops. The IPA, as well as Faubourg's other brands of beer, are located at the brewery's taproom in New Orleans East, as well as at many retailers in Louisiana and the Gulf South. Faubourg also offers a Beer Finder tool on its website for anyone who wants to find where exactly its beers are sold.

Brief History of Faubourg

Originally named Dixie Brewing Company, Faubourg Brewing Co. was founded in 1907 and is the oldest operating brewery in the City of New Orleans. The original brewery was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and forced the company to relocate out of state until New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owners Tom and Gayle Benson brought production back to the city with a brand-new, state-of-the-art brewery in 2019, according to Faubourg's website. In 2020, the company's name was officially changed from "Dixie" to "Faubourg," which is the French word for "neighborhood" in New Orleans, as a tribute to the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods that make up the city's unique culture.

For more information about Faubourg Brewing Co. and to see its line of products, visit faubourgbrewery.com.

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