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ZappEats.com Zaps High Prices for Food Delivery Fees

14:48 May 14, 2020
By: Caroline Hebert

ZappEats, a New Orleans company, is an online platform designed to help restaurants retire the use of delivery apps such as Uber Eats and GrubHub, which take 13 to 40 percent of profits made from takeout and delivery orders. In an effort to cut back on these costly delivery services, ZappEats is offering restaurants a flat monthly fee of $99.00, instead of the ample amount that other service platforms charge for each order. Taking into consideration the struggles of the pandemic, ZappEats is allowing restaurants to bypass the service fee for two months.

"Restaurants are struggling. The high commissions charged by delivery apps can be the breaking point. ZappEats allows restaurants to reach customers online, keep all of their profits, and retain more of their employees for less money than utilizing outside delivery resources," said ZappEats founder Michael Osterfeld.

ZappEats allows restaurant employees to carry out the delivery order, ultimately cutting out the middleman. By paying no high commissions, restaurants are allowed to keep all of their profits made from the orders. The platform gives restaurants the option to charge a delivery fee to help balance the cost of drivers. Zapp's revenue only comes from the one-dollar platform fee and delivery fees.

"ZappEats gave me back my profits," said Scot Craig, chef/owner of Katie's Restaurant in Mid-City, Francesca Deli, and Bienvenue. "The platform allows me the marketing reach of the national apps but without the high commissions. Plus, when I send my food out, I know it is being handled with care by a valued employee. The order doesn't sit waiting for a delivery driver; it goes out hot and with somebody I trust," he said.

Having a lower cost to obtain this platform allows restaurants to give their employees work, have better quality control, and improve delivery experiences for customers. When purchasing food online, costumers prefer to order from restaurants that offer easier options to do so, and since 60 percent of consumers prefer to order online, ZappEats aims to make this possible. Part of ZappEats's service is to supply marketing opportunities and professionally designed menu links that they can share on their website, Facebook, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Open4BizUS, and any other place diners search for ordering information.

ZappEats's headquarters are in New Orleans, and they currently have 20 part- and full-time employees based in New Orleans, Chicago, and overseas. ZappEats.com.

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