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Top 10 Cutest Restaurants to Try in New Orleans

07:00 June 03, 2024
By: Audrey Campisi

What creates a truly memorable atmosphere? Is it the design and decor? The people who walk through the door, filling the space with laughter and conversation? Is it the bright natural light or the warm, inviting mood lighting? Some places possess an unparalleled and unique aura.

Among the countless bistros, steakhouses, and pizza joints, it's really the atmosphere that makes a place stand out. Here in New Orleans, there are unmissable spots with ambiances unlike any other in the city, and perhaps even the country. Read on for 10 charming restaurants to visit in New Orleans.

10 Adorable Restaurants to Check Out in NOLA

1. Rampart Treehouse

740 N. Rampart St., 504-444-7609, ramparttreehouse.com

[Courtesy of Rampart Treehouse's Website]

Rampart Treehouse, with a delightfully youthful and bohemian atmosphere, is the perfect spot to stop in and sit down. Aside from its personality and aesthetic, this bar is a great bar with a solid slice of charm. Grab a seat and become enchanted by the place's magnolia tree, sprouting from the bar and extending through to the perimeter of the ceiling.

Every inch of this place is covered in whimsical décor, creating a perfectly eclectic interior to match the funky crowd inevitably building at the bar. This place is dog and pet-friendly, so treat your kitty cat or pup to some vibes and a bite at Rampart Treehouse.

2. The Apothecary

724 Saint Peter St., 504-766-8179, vampireapothecary.com

[Courtesy of The Apothecary's Facebook]

A sister to the famous New Orleans Vampire Café, The Apothecary brings a New Orleanian witch-iness to New American cuisine and cocktails. If an evil garden fairy was an interior designer, she'd likely conjure up something close to the atmosphere of The Apothecary. Dried herbs, moss, gargoyles, flowers, and other witchy collectibles line the interior. Their cuisine boasts an emphasis on fresh ingredients, creating elevated comfort food along with summery bites.

The spot's entrees include red snapper, beef short rib, ribeye, chicken thighs, and a selection of paninis. With a food menu all will love, their cocktail menu will offer even the most daring mixologists a new taste. Their theatrical cocktails, from Corpse Reviver #2 to Alchemist's Elixer, are must-haves. Aside from bites and beverages, lean into the mystery and magic of New Orleans and stop by one of their in-house psychic services. For a beautiful meal lined with flowers, deliciously extravagant cocktails, and an otherworldly atmosphere, stop by The Apothecary.

3. Elizabeth's

601 Gallier St., 504-944-9272, elizabethsrestaurantnola.com

[Courtesy of Elizabeth's Facebook]

If you're looking for New Orleanian cuteness in all its glory, your search would be incomplete if you didn't head down to the Bywater neighborhood. In a neighborhood known for its history, impressive signage, and bright colored exteriors, a spot like Elizabeth's must be impressively adorned to stand out—and adorned it is.

Boasting bright colored signs on the exterior and an equally eclectic collection on the interior, this spot is truly fun-loving and bright, bringing customers a true "good morning" as they sit down for a hearty brunch. The spot's slogan is "real food done really good," which is painted on their sign just above a flying pig dangling from the indicator. Beyond the sweetness and charm, their food is unbeatable and unique. Elizabeth's is known for their Praline Bacon, a combination of two must-have Southern specialties perfected into one deliciously salty, sweet bacon slice.

4. Mister Mao

4501 Tchoupitoulas St., 504-345-2056, mistermaonola.com

[Courtesy of Mister Mao's Website]

This Asian fusion spot brings tropical vibes, glorious dinner settings, artistry, and eclecticism to Tchoupitoulas Street. The interior is pink, feminine, colorful, and maximalist, making patrons feel as though they have entered a tropical (spiked) tea party. Beyond the impressive and unique interior, the cuisine of Mister Mao is daring, served on small plates, and always yummy.

The flavors of the menu are provocative and daring, truly bringing symphonies of modern flavors to your taste buds. The avant-garde flavors and style come from the spot's unique fusion cuisine, incorporating flavors of India, Pakistan, and other Southern Asian traditions to Mexico and other tropical cultures around the globe.

5. Justine

225 Chartres St., 504-218-8533, justinenola.com

[Courtesy of Justine's Website]

Justine is a trendy and upscale restaurant that brings a uniquely fresh taste and vibrant atmosphere to the French Quarter. With an interior that blends eclectic and refined elements, Justine sets the stage for modern dining in New Orleans. The iconic pink neon sign reflects the restaurant's youthful and energetic spirit.

Drawing inspiration from a classic Parisian brasserie, the interior combines cultural connections with a playful twist on a traditional setting. The exterior resembles a quaint Parisian sidewalk café, while the interior's maximalist decorations and textures keep the ambiance lighthearted and contemporary. Justine offers both brunch and late-night boozing. Founded by husband-wife duo Justin and Mia Devillier, the restaurant fulfills their longtime dream of opening a spot in the French Quarter. Their dedication and passion are evident in the expertly crafted French-southern cuisine, exceptional service, and thoughtfully designed interior.

6. Brennan's

417 Royal St., 504-525-9711, brennansneworleans.com

[Courtesy of Brennan's Website]

With arguably the most famous pastel pink façade in New Orleans, Brennan's is a classy yet cutesy option for a girls' brunch or an intimate dinner with a darling. The service is perfect, with the restaurant emphasizing hospitality, service, and friendship. The interior is elegant, vibrant, and light, making you feel like you just woke up to homemade breakfast in an 18th-century mansion.

The Banana's Foster is rated the best in the country, so order the dish tableside to watch the dish come to life and hear a brief history of the sweet and perfected dish. For high-end New Orleans charm with a sweet interior ambiance and a delicious brunch, Brennan's is the perfect spot.

7. La Crepe Nanou

1410 Robert St., 504-899-2670, lacrepenanou.com

[Courtesy of La Crepe Nanou's Facebook]

This French bistro brings the charm of Europe and perfectly mixes it with New Orleans' freshness and culture. The exterior is remarkably unique from the typical façades of New Orleans, with the small spot's brick-colored exterior and retro awning transporting visitors to another decade and continent. The interior is romantic in every sense, and the French cuisine only adds to the charm of the spot.

The main dining room is intimate and colorful with an art-deco style of decoration. The windows lining the main dining room expose a beautiful garden, keeping the interior green and airy while maintaining a small, intimate feel. The spot consistently boasts fresh and classic French food. La Crepe Nanou is a Euro-retro restaurant to enjoy with your loved one, offering a true romanticism unmatched by any other spot in the city.

8. Maypop

611 O'Keefe Ave., 504-518-6345, maypoprestaurant.com

[Courtesy of Maypop's Facebook]

This upscale culinary destination offers a unique Southern Asian fusion cuisine, boasting a fun-loving menu and an equally vibrant interior. The restaurant and bar create a social ambiance, with an extravagant dining room featuring tall ceilings and extensive seating. The bar area is highlighted by a mural of purple and blue flowers, providing a striking contrast to the industrial and warm decor. On a perpendicular wall, a massive mural of a map adds to the visual appeal.

The interior is further enhanced by greenery, small plants, and varied textures, adding coziness to the clean and industrial space. The restaurant boasts an extensive cocktail list, wines, beers, sakes, and bar bites. With fusion dishes from Louisiana Black Drum Au Poirve and Crawfish Tom Kha with Scallion Malfatti Dumplings, Maypop is a truly unique spot for food and ambiance alike.

9. Copper Vine

1001 Poydras St., 504-208-9535, coppervine.com

[Courtesy of Copper Vine's Facebook]

This wine-pub is a bright spot bringing energy to a historic New Orleans Central Business District building, matching contemporary cuisine and decor with history and charm. Copper Vine boasts an incredible corner patio with benches, warm deep blue accents, and an incredible array of greenery making it a true oasis contrasting with the big city.

Perfect for large parties and intimate dates, the spot's two stories boast numerous dramatic backdrops and long tables for celebrations of all sorts. Each corner of this spot is meticulously crafted, with beautiful decor, wallpaper, decorations, and furniture. Their cuisine is New American, with salads, soups, flat breads, and a wide breadth of mains from Mushroom Pasta to Roasted Cornish Hen and Ratatouille.

10. The Vintage

3121 Magazine St., 504-608-1008, thevintagenola.com

[Courtesy of The Vintage's Website]

For beignets, bubbles, small bites, and charcuterie—all adorably heartwarming offerings—visit The Vintage on picturesque Magazine Street. This charming spot is ideal for a relaxed yet sophisticated evening or any time of day. The Vintage brings a retro simplicity to New Orleans, seamlessly blending the roles of a bar and cafe in a truly European fashion.

Here, you can savor expertly crafted coffees and pastries alongside a selection of fine wines and cocktails with delightful bites. Renowned for the best beignets in the city, you can indulge in these delectable treats with a café au lait, then transition to a glass of wine and get lost in captivating conversation for hours. The Vintage ensures a welcoming and social ambiance throughout the day.

10 Preciously Unique Restaurants in New Orleans

Each of these 10 New Orleans gems offers a distinctive and memorable atmosphere. From the Bohemian charm of Rampart Treehouse to the enchanting mystique of The Apothecary, the vibrant eclecticism of Mister Mao to the refined elegance of Brennan's, these restaurants each tell their own story through design, decor, and exceptional cuisine. Whether you're seeking a lively social spot, a romantic hideaway, or a trendy gathering place, New Orleans' restaurant scene has something extraordinary to offer. Discover these 10 adorable restaurants for a cute ambiance and great food.

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