Image Courtesy of Mockly Mocktails

Bring the Splash to Sober January with Mockly Mocktails

09:00 January 11, 2022
By: Frances Deese

Who said being sober had to be boring? New Orleans newest booze-free beverage, Mockly, is here to prove the naysayers wrong when it comes to beverages that cut out the hard stuff.

Their low carb, fresh flavors give the sober and sober curious a "new option that feels like an indulgence, not a sacrifice," according to co-founder Aimée Sedky. Luckily for locals, these convenient canned refreshments are back in stock at area grocery stores, restaurants, and even bars.

Image Courtesy of Mockly Mocktails

Leading New Orleans mixologist Jesse Carr has created three varieties that capture the fun and flavor of a cocktail. Eye Opener has citrus forward flavors infused in basil, sharpened by tangerine, softened by peach, and perfect for those that crave some peace. Love Bite is an electric mix of ginger and pomegranate with an afterglow of rosemary and rose. Finally, Baron Von Blue blends rose and blueberry with noble hints of lime and mint for an effervescent finish. These flavors certainly hold their own, but can also be mixed to make great mocktails!

While Dry January is certainly a trend, it's also for great reason. Many may have overdone it during the holidays and, in this town, may need to rest their systems before Mardi Gras/Carnivale season begins. Going sober for a while is not for nothing, though, and includes many health benefits.

According to the Victorious Journey Recovery Center, going sober includes benefits such as higher energy levels, clarity of mind, an increased ability to focus, more stable mood, weight loss, better sleep, and, of course, the benefit of no hangovers. Their article also points out that it allows a clearer picture of your mental health. After nearly two years in a global pandemic, many are experiencing feelings of burnout, depression, and anxiety, and taking a step back from drinking can decrease these feelings. Those who try the sober lifestyle may find these benefits are ones they want to experience more often, and Mockly booze free cocktails serve as a great way to make being sober an easier experience.

Mockly can be found in leading grocery stores and markets, including Breaux Mart, Robert Fresh Market, and Canseco's. Mockly will soon be available in Rouses, Total Wine, and many more locations. Mockly is served at many of New Orleans' best restaurants like Shaya, NOLA Pizza Co., Justine, and Le Petit Grocery, as well as at popular bars like D.B.A and Barrel Proof.

For more information, visit and for refreshing recipes that either hold the booze or include the hard stuff.

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