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10 Great Restaurants to Try While in Kenner

07:00 May 06, 2024
By: Audrey Campisi

Kenner, a vibrant city right near New Orleans, embodies a fusion of authenticity and traditions from across the globe, offering a culinary adventure like no other. The suburb is a mixing pot of traditions and cultures, and the cuisine maintains that same blend, truly making it a uniquely wonderful spot to dine at.

Whether you're a resident or a visitor exploring the city's diverse dining scene, Kenner beckons with its array of authentic eateries serving up flavors from Italy to Nicaragua and everywhere in between. Step into Kenner and prepare to tantalize your taste buds with diverse cuisines that celebrate heritage and authenticity. So head to these 10 delicious spots in Kenner, which are suitable for any cravings.

10 Great Restaurants to Visit in Kenner

1. Oak Oven

6625 Jefferson Hwy., 504-305-4039


[Courtesy of Oak Oven's Facebook]

Oak Oven is truly an unmissable spot not only in Kenner but in all of New Orleans. This place is the definition of hidden gems, located right off of Jefferson Highway. The ambiance is social, with many tables and sprinkled light fixtures throughout the dining room, an exposed bar area, and a visible brick oven, which spawns the pizza you order.

Oak Oven offers a variety of pizzas, pastas, and entrées all made with local and fresh ingredients, especially true for the high-quality meat selection the spot has to offer. Founded by Guatemalan immigrants Thomas and Hortencia with Sicilian roots, the commitment to tradition is clear. Stop by Oak Oven for some of the best Italian cuisine in the city, with jaw-dropping freshness and authenticity.

2. Taqueria Mi Rancho

3901 Williams Blvd., 504-287-4715


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This is a small, hole-in-the-wall spot that will truly surprise you. With only eight dining tables, Taqueria Mi Rancho is the perfect restaurant to stop at in Kenner. The spotlight here is on the Mexican cuisine the restaurant has to offer.

While unsuspecting on the exterior, this spot will transport all customers to Latin America. Mi Rancho boasts a small yet perfected menu, with breakfasts and many entrées for lunch or dinner. Try their huevos rancheros if you're stopping by for breakfast or mix and match their tacos for lunch.

3. Don Jose's Grill

2722 Williams Blvd, 504-305-6224


[Courtesy of Don Jose's Grill's Website]

Serving up delicious Tex Mex food, Don Jose's brings a fun-loving atmosphere to well-loved cuisine. The food is prepared quickly and the service is friendly, emphasizing true hospitality and comfort. The interior is beautiful and screams Mexican cuisine, with a deliciously enticing aroma as you enter the building.

Upon sitting down, you'll receive chips and salsa as their signature—a "thank you" for coming. If it is a weekday afternoon, order a margarita, which is only $3 during happy hour. The menu boasts classic tacos, chimichangas, ceviche, tamales, and many other Mexican food staples.

4. William's Seafood Kenner

4041 Williams Blvd., 504-467-0010


[Courtesy of William's Seafood's Website]

William's Seafood serves breakfast and lunch from Monday to Saturday. It's a fast-casual spot that offers tasty Cajun cuisine at affordable prices. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, with regulars being greeted by name and with a smile.

When you arrive, head to the counter to place your order and then find a seat at one of the cozy tables. Your warm and authentic comfort food will arrive promptly. You can enjoy your meal while being guaranteed that it will warm your soul. Expect your food to be plentiful, filling, and cooked to perfection. The menu is full of classic New Orleans cuisine from po-boys to gumbo, fried chicken, and assorted fish.

5. Little Chinatown

3800 Williams Blvd., 504-305-0580


[Courtesy of Little Chinatown's Facebook]

This Chinese food restaurant emphasizes authenticity with every dish, setting a standard for freshness, quality ingredients, and satisfying meals. This hole-in-the-wall is tucked away, but upon entering, customers will be met with local charm, generous portions, and reasonable prices.

Their stand-out dishes include a baked half duck, seasoned perfectly and tender. Another dish you must try is their salt and pepper pork chops, promising a flavorful culinary journey. Start with their egg drop soup, a protein-filled classic dish with a smooth feel.

6. Smitty's Seafood

2000 W Esplanade Ave., 504-468-1647,


[Courtesy of Smitty's Seafood's Facebook]

Smitty's Seafood stands out as a beacon of rich New Orleans cuisine. With a history spanning decades, the well-loved establishment has become synonymous with great seafood, warm hospitality, and an ambiance that captures the essence of Louisiana's coastal charm.

The spot demonstrates a commitment to delivering the freshest catch from the Gulf Coast straight to its patrons' plates. From succulent shrimp to plump oysters and flaky fish, each dish is a testament to the restaurant's unwavering dedication to quality and taste. Whether you're craving a traditional shrimp po-boy or a steaming bowl of gumbo, every bite at Smitty's is a celebration of seafood and New Orleanian flair.

7. Norma's Bakery

2925 Bienville St., 504-309-5401


[Courtesy of Norma's Bakery's Facebook]

Norma's Bakery wears many hats, but their specialties can be summarized as some of the best Latin cuisine in the metropolitan area. This place emphasizes tradition from its sandwiches and baked goods to even including an arrangement of your beloved Latin American grocery items.

Norma Castillo, after moving to the United States from Honduras looking for dialysis treatment for her son, inherited the bakery and learned her craft under the apprenticeship of an acclaimed Kenner baker. After putting her all into the spot, the place boasts some of the best Cuban sandwiches in the state, served on their Cuban bread, with tender roast pork and irresistible melted cheese. The spot also makes delicious postellitos, Nicaraguan nacatamales, and deliciously moist tres leche.

8. NolaNica

16 W W Airline Hwy. B, 504-405-0375


[Courtesy of NolaNica's Facebook]

NolaNica will make a trip just outside the city worth it and is a must stop on your way to the airport. Everything on the menu is enticing, making this spot the perfect dinner on a weekday, or even lunch during the work week to escape the office.

The interior is clean and bright, defined by a few intimate tables and a bar area to watch a game while indulging in authentic Nicaraguan cuisine. The must-have fritanga is plentiful and delicious, with so many dimensions you'll never be able to put your fork down. The dish boasts carne asada, chancho frito, tajadas fritas, platano frito, yucca cheese, chichi chorizo, and is served with many other toppings.

9. Dots Diner

2239 Williams Blvd., 504-441-5600


[Courtesy of Dots Diner's Facebook]

Radiating a nostalgic feel and Southern charm, Dots Diner brings exactly what patrons crave from a diner: a social ambiance, hospitable waiters, good comfort food, and affordable prices. If you're craving the quintessential diner experience, head here.

The exterior resembles the classic Americana diner, with a large "Diner" sign on the side of a stand-alone single-story building. The interior is lined with lighthearted cartoons, chrome furniture, and red swivel bar stools. Serving American breakfast classics with a Creole twist, Dots sells grilled liver and eggs, breakfast burritos, omelets (including a Cajun version), pancakes, French toast, and almost anything you could imagine. Dinners are similarly served in Louisiana comfort style, with fried catfish and other fried delicacies, a pot roast dinner, burgers, and classic sandwiches.

10. NOLA Desi Kitchen

3814 Williams Blvd., 504-305-6555


[Courtesy of NOLA Desi Kitchen's Website]

NOLA Desi Kitchen is an authentic Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi restaurant, that emphasizes tradition and perfectly mastered spices. While at first glance this spot may seem unsuspecting, each dish is an opportunity to experience classic dishes from South Asia, whether as a nostalgic familiarity or a new try. With an emphasis on great service and familiarity, the small restaurant offers quality cuisine, including the seekh kebab, dal fry, and Aloo Paratha. Of course, classic favorites like chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, and palak paneer are sure to be beloved by patrons, offering familiar comfort alongside the opportunity to explore the nuances of these timeless dishes.

Where Authenticity Meets Tradition

Kenner brings a mixing pot of incredible and authentic food from all over the globe to Greater New Orleans. Whether you're looking for a new local spot or a place to grub on the way to the airport, here are 10 great restaurants to try while in Kenner.

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