Hi-Ballz [Courtesy of Hi-Ballz]

10 NOLA Queer-Owned and Operated Restaurants

07:00 June 06, 2024
By: Brooke Adams

Slay Your Way to NOLA's Restaurants

Slather on your glitter and wear your best outfit but leave room for a good meal this Pride.

Every year, thousands gather in the Big Easy to celebrate Pride with parades, bar crawls, and events galore. As we gear up to celebrate Pride in New Orleans, it is important to remember that Pride Month falls on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and, while a celebration of love, it also draws attention to the ongoing struggle for equal rights and visibility.

Supporting LBGTQ+ businesses during Pride is crucial as it not only celebrates the community's resilience but also fosters economic empowerment and creates spaces where individuals can authentically express themselves without fear of discrimination. One of the simplest ways to support queer businesses during Pride is to simply enjoy a good meal out. We've compiled a list of 10 restaurants within New Orleans city limits you should consider visiting this Pride.

American Townhouse

1012 N. Rampart St., atnola.com

American Townhouse [Courtesy of American Townhouse's Website]

Situated in the vibrant Marigny neighborhood, American Townhouse is a cozy bistro blending contemporary flair with Southern charm. Its intimate ambiance and eclectic decor create an inviting atmosphere for diners seeking modern comfort food with a twist. From inventive brunch offerings to artisanal cocktails, each dish is crafted with locally sourced ingredients, reflecting the culinary diversity of the city.

Clover Grill

900 Bourbon St., clovergrill.com

Clover Grill [Courtesy of Clover Grill's Website]

Situated in the heart of the French Quarter's gay district, Clover Grill is an iconic diner renowned for its classic American fare and retro ambiance. With its chrome-lined counter and cozy booths, it exudes old-school charm. Clover Grill opened its doors in 1939 and, since then, has become home to some of the best breakfasts and burgers on Bourbon Street.

Crossing NOLA

439 Dauphine St., crossing-nola.com

Crossing NOLA [Courtesy of Crossing NOLA's Website]

Crossing is a bar and restaurant located in the historic Vieux Carré and is renowned for its soulful ambiance, blending rich culinary traditions with modern flair. The menu offers classic bar lunch and dinner options with an eclectic drink selection. Crossing boasts a large TV, perfect for hosting RuPaul watch parties, karaoke nights, and watching the game with your friends.


4901 Canal St., hi-ballz.com

Hi-Ballz [Courtesy of Hi-Ballz]

Hi-Ballz offers a unique (and healthy) twist on the classic New Orleans café menu. Their all vegan menu includes soups, salads, sandwiches, sweets, and more. They are committed to creating experiences with plants that delight, as well as strengthen our relationship with the planet. The psychedelic colors and mesmerizing artwork create a vibe unlike any other. However, what makes Hi-Ballz special is their commitment to the community. Hi-Ballz advocates for living wages, zero waste, localized food sourcing, accessible pricing, and more.

Italian Barrel

1240 Decatur St., theitalianbarrel.com

Italian Barrel [Courtesy of Italian Barrel's Website]

With its rustic charm and modern sophistication, Italian Barrel offers a wonderfully inviting fine dining experience. Located near the historic French Market, Italian Barrel exudes a warm ambiance, offering an authentic Italian dining experience surrounded by exposed brick walls. From handcrafted pastas to savory wood-fired pizzas, each dish is a testament to the chef's dedication to quality and tradition. They also boast an extensive wine selection to complement the flavors. Italian Barrel is the perfect place to savor the essence of Italy in the vibrant atmosphere of the Quarter.

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Uptown

615 Carrollton Ave., louisianapizzakitchenuptown.com

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Uptown [Courtesy of Where Y'at Staff]

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Uptown, a cozy eatery in the Riverbend, specializes in gourmet pizzas and Italian-inspired dishes. They offer a relaxed ambiance perfect for enjoying artisanal pies topped with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, alongside a selection of delicious appetizers and salads.

Mona Lisa

1212 Royal St., monalisaneworleans.com

Mona Lisa [Courtesy of Mona Lisa's Website]

Tucked away in the heart of the French Quarter, Mona Lisa has a name that reflects its fun decor, which is covered head to toe with different versions of Mona Lisa. With its charming courtyard and cozy interior adorned with vibrant artwork, the ambiance is as inviting as the menu. Mona Lisa is a culinary gem, offering a delightful fusion of Italian and Creole cuisines. From traditional pasta dishes to flavorful seafood creations, every bite at Mona Lisa is a delicious journey through the rich flavors of New Orleans' culinary heritage.

Trilly Cheesesteaks

3735 Ulloa St., trillycheesesteaks.com

Trilly Cheesesteak [Courtesy of Where Y'at Staff]

While Philadelphia is the city known for cheesesteaks, Trilly Cheesteaks has established that New Orleans does everything well. Starting out as a pop-up at Banks Street Bar, they now have a permanent space in Mid-City with a great patio and even better food. Trilly Cheesesteaks is passionate about creating a welcoming space that accommodates all diets by offering vegan versions of all their options.

Undergrowth Coffee

4332 Magazine St., undergrowthcoffee.com

Undergrowth Coffee [Courtesy of Undergrowth Coffee's Website]

Undergrowth Coffee, a hidden gem on the bustling Magazine Street, offers a cozy retreat for coffee lovers. Their breakfast and lunch offerings are sure to satisfy cravings for any diet. Undergrowth is passionate about offering delicious delights, while also staunchly supporting the community. They champion living wages, and their business model is ecologically focused and sustainably sourced.

Up&Adam Eatz

3903 Canal St., getupandadam.com

Up&Adam Eatz [Courtesy of Up&Adam Eatz's Website]

Starting out as a local coffee brand, Up&Adam recently opened Up&Adam Eatz in Mid-City, serving mouthwatering breakfast and brunch delights with a creative twist. From gourmet breakfast sandwiches to fluffy pancakes topped with local fruits, each dish bursts with flavor and freshness, making it a go-to spot for morning cravings. Up&Adam Eatz also offers a full bar, which is essential for any good brunch. With their welcoming environment, tasty food, and great coffee, Up&Adam has quickly become a local brunch favorite.

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