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Top 10 Places to Drink Bubble/Boba Tea in NOLA

07:00 December 21, 2023
By: Amelia Hervey

Bubble tea is a tea-based drink created in Taiwan in the early 1980s, but has taken the United States by storm. Traditionally made by combining milk with fruit and fruit juices, and then adding cooked tapioca pearls—bubble tea is a favorite in the US, with New Orleans as no exception. Whether you prefer just milk tea or you like to go crazy with flavor combinations, New Orleans' bubble tea shops have all you could ever want. Here are 10 places in NOLA to go get your bubble tea fix.

Best Bubble Tea Stores in New Orleans

1. Moon Garden

3138 Magazine St. Suite C, (504) 547-1968, moongardennola.com

[Moon Garden, Website]

Located right on Magazine Street, Moon Garden excels in crafting boba and artisan beverages, using only the freshest ingredients sourced locally to guarantee bold and fresh flavors.

Their meticulous approach prevents drinks from diluting, ensuring maximum enjoyment. With this expertise established, they are now expanding into introducing the same bold flavors into their food menu.

2. Mr. Bubbles Cafe

1441 Canal St #1, (504) 516-2994, mrbubblescafe.square.site

[Mr Bubbles Cafe, Facebook]

Mr Bubbles Cafe is located in downtown New Orleans and offers a diverse menu, featuring homemade banh mi, fresh fruit smoothies, fruit teas, coffee, and much more.

With inviting indoor seating, patrons can enjoy a comfortable ambiance while savoring the delectable offerings. From the tempting array of bubble teas to the mouth-watering food options, Mr Bubbles Cafe is a one-stop destination for those seeking a delightful and refreshing boba experience.

3. Feng Cha New Orleans

2131 Magazine St., (504) 510-2244, fengchausa.com

[Feng Cha New Orleans, Facebook]

Feng Cha is committed to exceptional tea that extends even beyond their delicious drinks. The store aims to create a cozy teahouse experience with quality ingredients, fine pastries, and carefully curated music.

Frequenters of Feng Cha are a diverse community that gathers to chat, study, and work. They aim to create an inclusive atmosphere for guests to enjoy spending time in, while also enjoying their delicious bubble teas.

4. Gong Cha

3420 Magazine St., (504) 272-0808, gongchausa.com

[Gong Cha, Website]

Established in 2006 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Gong Cha, which means "tribute tea for the emperor," entered the bubble tea market.

Gong Cha is renowned for its signature Milk Foam, crafted for each customer with the freshest milk and quality ingredients, complementing their freshly brewed teas. They emphasize the continuous brewing of tea, perfection in preparing the boba, sourcing tea from top estates in Taiwan, and maintaining strict quality control for all ingredients.

5. T-Swirl Crepe

4200 Magazine St., (504) 708-2009, t-swirlcrepe.com

[T-Swirl Crepe, Website]

T-Swirl Crepe, rooted in the Japanese crepe tradition, elevates the concept by perfecting a 100% gluten-free rice flour batter. Their crispy, thin, and chewy crepes, crafted with the finest ingredients, offer a trendy and artistic treat.

Beyond being a premier crepe destination, T-Swirl is also your go-to spot for satisfying bubble tea cravings. They offer a diverse range, including traditional boba, refreshing fruit smoothies, and their delectable taro and matcha tea drinks.


514 City Park Ave., (504) 482-6845, mophonola.com

[MOPHO, Facebook]

MOPHO is a chic dining spot celebrated for its Vietnamese-inspired cuisine with a Creole influence. It's known for showcasing delicious options like pho and creative bubble tea cocktails.

Going beyond the culinary experience, MOPHO serves as a versatile venue, catering to everything from small intimate gatherings to large corporate events. Don't miss out on their happy hours specials, and enjoy their unique bubble tea/cocktail fusions.

7. VIVI Bubble Tea

3000 Severn Ave. Unit A, (504) 354-9895, vivibubbletea.com

[VIVI Bubble Tea, Facebook]

Treat yourself to a delicious bubble tea drink at VIVI Bubble Tea in between shopping stops at the Lakeview Mall.

VIVI Bubble Tea provides the highest quality and service by exclusively using FDA-approved ingredients sourced directly from Taiwan. Customers are invited to enjoy an authentic Taiwanese taste with every sip, reflecting the brand's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

8. Magic Sweets

1301 Hickory Ave. Suite D, (504) 470-2496, facebook.com/p/Magic-Sweets

[Magic Sweets, Facebook]

Bring yourself to Magic Sweets for delicious desserts, snoballs, and bubble tea.

With plenty of different choices for flavor and toppings in your tea, as well as tons of tasty pastries and other assorted goodies, you will love your experience at Magic Sweets. Enjoy your choice of a tea and a slice of one of their amazing crepe cakes in their adorable and aesthetic storefront.

9. Sharetea

3325 Severn Ave., (504) 265-8783, 1992sharetea.com

[Sharetea, Website]

Sharetea offers delightful bubble tea creations both in Metairie and worldwide. Founded in Taiwan in 1992, their commitment is to craft top-notch tea beverages using fresh ingredients, ensuring they deliver the finest to you.

They boast a dedicated R&D team that formulates recipes using diverse ingredients to highlight the distinct qualities of each tea. They have over 50 different flavors and toppings to choose from, so everyone can find something they enjoy.

10. The' au lait

103 Terry Pkwy. Suite E, (504) 355-3606, heaulait.us

The' au lait, Facebook

The primary focus of The' au lait is a milk/bubble tea establishment with a touch of French influence. They specialize in a variety of Asian tea beverages, as well as authentic French crepes.

With plenty of creative bubble tea options, delicious layered crepe cakes, and tons of other options, The' au lait is the perfect place to enjoy tasty and innovative food and drinks made from the highest quality ingredients.

Best Places to Get Boba Tea in New Orleans

Whether you're already an avid lover of boba tea or if you haven't tried it yet, there are plenty of spots around New Orleans that will make your bubble tea dreams come true. With shops Downtown, Uptown, in Jefferson Parish, and on the Westbank, you're never very far from an adorable bubble tea spot. Enjoy milk and fruit teas, with or without the signature tapioca pearls, and revel in the sweet deliciousness that is boba tea.

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