Bar Frances Adds Pizzazz to Freret Street

09:17 August 25, 2016
By: Emily Hingle

Bar Frances is the latest addition to the burgeoning Freret Street scene that offers fanciful food and drink options alongside young, hip entertainment venues. Located in a brand new mixed-use development, Bar Frances is certainly not just a bar; it's an elevated, bright, and modern lunch, brunch, and dinner spot with an emphasis on amazing international wines to go along with your unique cuisine. I got to taste a few of their menu items which I paired with a bright orange prosecco cocktail. 

My absolute favorite item was the super savory Mushroom Toast because I love mushrooms passionately. I don't eat a lot of meat although I'm not a vegetarian, so mushrooms are my meat most of the time. But for you meat lovers out there, I'm sure you would appreciate that the delectable meatballs were the crowd favorite. I often find meatballs to be overcooked easily or heavily seasoned, but Bar Frances cooked them to about medium-rare and let the taste of the meat shine through. The Pork Belly was also well-loved. 

I very much enjoyed this sampling spree, but I will definitely be back for the Brunch menu which looks very lovely. Diners are fun, but I'm ready to upgrade my brunch now. You can check out all of their menu items here.


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