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A Slice of the Pie: Five Spots to Visit on National Pie Day

17:00 January 21, 2021
By: Kala Hathorn

National Pie Day will be held on January 23. It's a day dedicated to spoiling yourself with a high-calorie American delicacy. So, get ready to feed your face with some of the most delicious selections of pie that the city of New Orleans has to offer. Whether you stop by Willa Jean's for a slice or Gracious Bakery for a bite, you will not be disappointed. Some ways you can celebrate National Pie Day to the fullest include trying a new flavor or indulging in your favorite type of pie, learning to bake a pie, or entering a pie-baking contest. However you choose to celebrate National Pie Day, remember to find joy within every slice of pie.

Maple Street Patisserie

When it comes to rustic European bread and sweet delights, Maple Street Patisserie is the best place to grab a sugary bite. It's an adorable neighborhood bakery with a quaint and cozy style that will make any outsider feel at home. When it comes to pie, it is truly the apple of one's eye at this bakery. Make your way down to Maple Street for a sweet and delectable treat, guaranteed to make you say "oooowee." 7638 Maple St., (504)-304-1526,

Willa Jean

With its "down-home" vintage style and vibe, Willa Jean is a restaurant that will give you flashbacks of being in Grandma's kitchen. If you are looking to celebrate National Pie Day, Willa Jean is this place to feast. It's a sugar factory in its own right, and pie at this establishment will have you thinking about having another slice. So, mosey on down the street and take up a seat a Willa Jean's. 611 O'Keefe Ave., (504)-509-7334,

Gracious Bakery + Café

A bakery whose food is clean, just like its ambience, is worth a visit. Where pie is concerned, Gracious Bakery has a lot to offer. The pies consist of a flakey bottom layer, a creamy center, and a top layer decorated elegantly with decadent chocolate. One delicious bite of their pie, whether big or small, will have you risking it all in celebration of National Pie Day. So, if you find yourself in the neighborhood and craving a sweet treat, stop by Gracious Bakery for a bite that cannot be beat. Multiple locations,


Elegant in style and festive in ambience, Boucherie is where the most celebrated pie meets spicy and sweet. The Thai Chili Chocolate Chess Pie brings the heat, but it is not the only pie on this restaurant's menu that makes visitors happy. From blueberry-blue cheese fried hand pies to pecan and peanut butter fig pies, when at Boucherie, there are so many pies to try. 8115 Jeannette St., (504)-862-5514,


This eccentric restaurant is a hipster foodie's wildest dream. Along with its versatile menu that includes burgers, fish tacos, and mac 'n' cheese dogs, the apple pie stands alone. Crowned as one of the best in the city, Cowbell's apple pie is the epitome of perfection. This apple pie in its light, delicate goodness is drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with homemade vanilla ice cream. If you plan on ringing in National Pie Day with a classic, swing over to Cowbell's for a sweet experience. 8801 Oak St., (504)-866-4222,

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