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Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix on National Cappuccino Day

09:00 November 05, 2020
By: Blake Anderson

November is here, and so is the cooler weather, making it the perfect season for a warm cuppa joe. Known for their milk designs, cappuccinos are both festive and warm. Sunday, November 8, we celebrate National Cappuccino Day, so here are five popular and adorable coffee houses around New Orleans for you to grab a little pick-me-up before the week starts. This espresso-based coffee drink originated in Italy. The cappuccino is prepared with steamed milk and topped with foamed milk. In Italy, the drink has an ounce of espresso and an ounce of milk and foam.

Cherry Coffee Roasters

The roasters at Cherry Coffee Roasters learn unbelievable amounts of information about the coffee they are producing, as well as work hard to perfect their skill in order to bring consumers the highest-quality coffee. The name Cherry Coffee Roasters is to pay tribute to the cherries that their coffee beans come from. For National Cappuccino Day on Sunday, these roasters have a delicious cappuccino waiting with your name on it. The coffee house is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., as well as Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Cherry Coffee Roasters also has many other delicious drinks to choose from, if you are not a fan of cappuccino. 4877 Laurel St., (504) 875-3699,

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The Station Coffee Shop & Bakery

The adorable coffee shop and bakery The Station is in Mid-City, and the owners, Jonathan and Megan Walker, make their coffee and pastries all in-house. The Station offers a variety of coffee drinks, cappuccinos being at the top of their list. Also on the menu is their house coffee, a French press coffee, and iced coffee, as well as teas and juices. The coffee shop serves breakfast and lunch and has sweet treats for their customers to try. Stop in this Sunday to grab a delicious breakfast and a cappuccino. 4400 Bienville St., (504) 309-4548,

Coffee Science

This unique coffee house serves so much more than coffee. Coffee Science has an extensive coffee menu, along with a lunch menu, natural wines, beers, and farm-to-table groceries. There is so much to love about this indie coffee shop, making it the perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoon for National Cappuccino Day. Coffee Science has the traditional cappuccino as well as an iced cappuccino. The coffee house offers baked goods, such as a Punktart, their version of a Poptart. Come sip your cappuccino in Coffee Science's cute backyard. 410 South Broad Ave., (504) 814-0878,

Addiction Coffee

The owner of Addiction, Miss Tracy, prides herself on serving farm-to-cup coffee options. The coffee house is passionate about brewing and cooking with the best ingredients. Miss Tracy uses locally roasted coffee from French Truck Coffee to craft her popular coffee creations. The menu is separated into three degrees of caffeine potency: Habit, Fix, and Lit. The cappuccino can be found under the Fix section. This coffee house is beautifully designed and is a great spot to celebrate this caffeinated holiday. It is obvious everything at Addiction is made with care and love. 1009-1015 N. Claiborne Ave., (504) 405-9948,

Church Alley Coffee Bar

Specializing in hand-brewing, espresso, and cold brews, Church Alley Coffee Bar serves coffee, tea, and healthy meals in their comfortable space. This coffee bar is the ideal spot to get a cappuccino and a snack and catch up on work or school assignments. Church Alley aims to encourage a more peaceful, resilient, and connected Gulf Coast, and the mission-driven company hopes to accomplish this through compassionate and forward-thinking products and services. Church Alley Coffee Bar has hot espresso drinks, of course, including a delicious cappuccino. 4201 Canal St. Ste. A, (504) 304-6306,

[Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash]

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