Voodoo Festival on Sunday, October 27, 2019
Oct 27 2019

Voodoo Festival on Sunday, October 27, 2019

By: Gustavo Escanelle

VOODOO FESTIVAL: MUSIC + ARTS EXPERIENCE: Live performance with performers Danileigh, Bring Me The Horizon, Missio, Sheck Wes and Post Malone on Sunday, October 27, 2019 at City Park, New Orleans, LA..

Voodoo Fest certainly went off with a bang this year. Actually it was a series of bangs, but we'll get to that shortly. I passed by Bring Me The Horizon briefly because I wanted to see what they were up to these days. Though I was never the biggest fan of the band, they seemed to have grown out of that quasi-emo image and were more comfortable in their newer contemporary indie rock image. Actually, their back-up dancers donning strange face masks were more of a spectacle than the band members were. But they performed a pretty rollicking show with weird visuals going on behind them and a tall bridge in front of it that they took turns running along.

So Voodoo Fest used to have a lot more local bands on the bill when it first started up. They even had a stage named after a now-defunct local band. However, finding a Louisiana-bred band on the bill nowadays is like finding a unicorn. Well... we found a unicorn this year. At the House of Blues tent, I wandered in to get an Impossible Burger and found the best band that I've heard at the Fest so far (excluding Guns N' Roses). Lane Mack at The Balladeers hail from my hometown of Lafayette, LA, and they play an amazing brand of TexMexy, hard country, bluesy rock. I've been looking for something just like this for years, and I had no idea that I would find it here. I watched the whole set. It was so heartening to see so many people just dancing and having a good time without needing their eyes dazzled by a big stage, lasers, or antics. It was a damn good show. Unlike most bands that bring their fans to the fest, Lane Mack left with quite a few which definitely includes me.

I decided to give Post Malone a chance finally. Between the memes and headlines, I've never really wanted to check him out because he seemed like a flash-in-the-pan, Instagram-only type of celebrity. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. He came out amid a roaring tone in fancy red plaid pants; he tried to hype up the crowd by shouting, "Voodoo, make some noise!" but they were already pretty hyped to see him. He was alone on a big, empty, unadorned stage singing along to pre-recorded tracks, but that's not uncommon for those in rap and hip hop. I found his music to be more R&B/hip hop than anything. He sang about breakups, makeups, and lost love. Occasionally, fireworks would fly from the tip of the stage, and his fans would throw piles of glowsticks throughout the set. All-in-all, it wasn't a bad show.

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