"Stooges Brass Band," All Photos by Steve Hatley

Tipitina’s: One Year Later

March 19, 2021
By: Steve Hatley

Can it really be a year? Those word keep going through my mind and still I can't wrap my head around them. It's hard to believe, but the last time I was shooting a live show at Tipitina's was just over a year ago on the 13th of March.

I think we were optimistic that things would be back to normal in a few months, but we were vastly mistaken. It wasn't that we were naïve, but just our resilient spirit shining through. When the first festival pulled out, any hope of a quick resolution was disbanded.

As a city, we had to adapt a new mindset and try and reinvent ourselves. Tipitina's took that ball and ran with it. The lockdown was somewhat beneficial to the club as its was able to do renovations that did not interfere with the daily business. Tipitina's was also able to create an amazing streaming platform and have instituted a record club based on its archives.

As we enter a modified Phase 3, nothing much will change too much at the club. There are still logistics that the club is trying to figure out, as the situation at hand is still and will be very fluid. Galactic and Tipitina's are dedicated to the city's culture and heritage and don't want to jump the gun and do anything that might put their patrons and staff in harm's way. That being said, Tipitina's has announced two special performances: an already sold-out grand re-opening event this Friday with Ivan Neville and a livestream performance by Billy Strings on March 24 to 25.

Greater things are on the horizon. I can feel it. I don't think words will ever truly have an accurate representation of this past year and trying to fully put them down on paper will take time.

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